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What Are the Most Popular Type of WordPress Website You Can Make?

It is undeniable how popular and powerful WordPress is as a tool and platform for creating websites. With affordable options, innovative plugins, and a user-friendly interface, WordPress has made it easier for people, especially with little to no web developing knowledge, to create their websites. While you may already have an idea of what type of WordPress website you want to create, you may not be aware of the different possibilities available to you. In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular types of WordPress websites you can build. 

1. A Blog

You can trace WordPress’s origins as a simple blogging platform that quickly transformed into the popular CMS today. Even after 16 years and its transition from a purely blogging site to a CMS, the blogging and personal website components are still present and reliable. 

Moreover, these tools have become more refined and developed. If a blog is one of the types of WordPress site you wish to create, then you’ll find yourself having plenty of tools to manage your WordPress site and ensure its growth over a short time.

Blogging on your WordPress site is a great way to let current and potential fans know about your work. You can use your site to fully express your passion for your work by creating blog posts, which can translate to reassurance for your prospects and current customers.

It is necessary to focus on creating content relevant to your business or niche. If you are running a parcel delivery company, it’s not beneficial to write about the benefits of food delivery services. Suppose you are running a food delivery business as well. In that case, it’s still recommended to use another site to promote it to keep the branding of both of your businesses consistent. The key to making this type of WordPress website successful is discovering something you can be an expert or a specialist on and writing content related to it that your target audience can enjoy. 

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It’s also important to create a strong headline for your blog. Otherwise, no matter how good your blog’s content is, it wouldn’t do you any good if you can’t capture your audience’s interest and attention. Headlines act as the first impression your readers have of your article. A good headline piques your reader’s curiosity and invites them to learn more about your blog. 

Headings act as a guideline for your readers to navigate your article. It divides your blog into organized and more digestible chunks. H2 headings are used for the main sections of your blog, while lower headings (H3, H4, etc.) are used to create subsections as needed. You can also use bullets and numbered lists to create simple and brief points for your blog post. 

Don’t forget to add images to your blog. A picture can convey what you mean better than a thousand words, and you should take advantage of that. Visually captivating images can command the attention of your audience. You can visit websites like Big Stock, Pixabay, Unsplash, or PicJumbo to discover affordable images you can use for your blog post. Additional tools like Photoshop can enhance the images you find even further. 

Images you have added to your posts should also include alt-text. These texts are visible to search engines and may be the key to ensuring your blog ranks better in search results. A better search ranking means more traffic for your site. In addition, alt-texts are crucial in ensuring your WordPress site is accessible to users who use voice technology and screen readers to surf the internet.

2. Business Website

A professional-looking business website is another one of the best types of WordPress website you can create with the powerful CMS tool WordPress is so powerful that many big-name brands rely on WordPress to establish their presence on the internet. 

Before you start building the business website of your dreams, you must have clear objectives in mind since these will become your basis when you develop your website. 

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to get out of your WordPress website, you’ll be doing nothing but waste your money. 

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Your prospective clients need to clearly understand what your business is all about upon opening your website. When clients visit your site, they think about whether they’ve come to the right place or if your business fits their needs. That is why you need to clearly express your company’s mission and vision. 

CTAs or call-to-action are also essential in this type of WordPress website. It is beneficial to have them because they have the power to compel visitors to take that crucial step or be that gentle nudge they need to proceed in obtaining your product or service. 

Your CTAs have to be designed to help users sign up for newsletters, buy your products, learn more about your services, etc.

Have an Impactful Content For One of the Best Types Of WordPress Website

Content that impacts readers can be the key to distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Usually, helpful articles, tutorials, and company stories are the types of content that showcase your credibility and help cement your team as reliable and passionate workers. There are things to keep in mind when you are creating content: 

  • Exaggeration using big paragraphs of texts is something you should avoid. Before committing to reading content, most web users will quickly scan your page to see what your site has to offer. Seeing those clunky and imposing walls of text might make them lose their attention too quickly or turn them off altogether. Stay concise and to the point as much as possible.
  • Merge a wide variety of content. Don’t limit yourself to one type, such as text. Instead, combine images, videos, slideshows, and texts to offer higher-quality articles to your readers.

3. eCommerce Website

If an eCommerce Website is the type of WordPress site you want to create, you are in good hands. WordPress has been widely recognized as the ultimate solution for building an eCommerce platform. Different powerful plugins are available for you to use, including WooCommerce, that can transform your website into an eCommerce destination. 

When building an eCommerce website, it must have the following essential features: 

  • Your site must allow users to browse products seamlessly.
  • A shopping cart function allows your users to choose multiple products before checking out.
  • A safe and transparent payment process. 
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4. An Online Community

WordPress also allows you to transform your site to create and build an online community you can imagine. Entrepreneurs can fully take advantage of this type of WordPress Website by directly engaging with their target market, setting them apart from the competition. On the other hand, if you are a blogger, an online community allows you to build a loyal fanbase and reach out to your niche. 

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5. A Portfolio Website

If you want to showcase your work, then a portfolio website is one of the ideal types of WordPress website for you. WordPress enables you to create a captivating portfolio website with mesmerizing image galleries and cool sliders. Choosing to turn your WordPress site into a portfolio website is one of the best ways to ensure your intended audience notices your work. When building your portfolio website, your goal is to show every visitor exactly who you are and what you do. You’ll manage to get your name out there while providing examples of your skills and talents in a visually-engaging format. 

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Of course, there are some things to keep in mind when building this type of WordPress website. Foremost, your design needs to be clean, simple, and as navigable as you can allow it to be. If your forte doesn’t lie in the visual or eccentric arts, keeping your site design simple and clean would showcase and support your work rather than distract users from it.

6. Multilingual Website

You can install WordPress in many different languages, but you can also create a multilingual website. A multilingual website is a type of WordPress website that provides content, products, and services for readers across different languages. A multilingual WordPress website is ideal for expanding your business to other territories. It would be best if you had the site’s default language be in the language of a specific territory. 

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Moreover, when you configure your multilingual website, you also need to consider the cultural differences of your target audience. It would help if you considered their tone and language and ensured that your concepts are not damaging or offending their traditions and beliefs. 

7. Wiki/Knowledge Website

Wiki/Knowledge Websites are another type of WordPress website. Suppose you want to add a documentation section with a knowledge base or wiki-like articles. In that case, WordPress offers multiple assets that can transform your site into an easy-to-browse knowledge base wiki site. If you’re interested in building a wiki site via WordPress, you have three options to accomplish this. 

  • First, you can use a dedicated WordPress wiki theme to create your knowledge base.
  • You can also use a dedicated WordPress wiki plugin to build your knowledge base. 
  • There is also the option to use custom code snippets to build your knowledge base. 
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