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Site Cleanup Services and Package

A website requires TLC to keep it clean and in proper order. In case your website was compromised because of attackers, we will clean it for you. SecurItPress is a professional WordPress website malware removal site cleanup and wp site care service. WordPress websites often become infected with malware through third-party software, plugins, or malicious ad networks. SecurItPress provides a comprehensive WordPress Website Malware Removal Cleanup and Repair service to remove malicious code, restore access to your website, and protect your website from future infections.

The most sophisticated and safe WordPress Website Malware Removal and spyware site cleanup available. – fast, effective, and safe malware cleanup – experienced WordPress security experts to handle your hacked site – website malware removal on your WordPress website – fix vulnerabilities on your WordPress website for free with our Security Audit report – website backup services for peace of mind as you go through the process of site cleanup & hacked WordPress website.

Why Do You Need Website Malware Removal?

Securitpress is a website malware removal expert that certified cybersecurity to remove Website malware from your website easily. Our team of experts will find bugs and remove all malware from your website, we repair damage caused by hackers, we find out and filtrate advanced bug attacks and spamming.
Securitpress is the topmost secure website safety provider within a 30days guaranteed no hidden refund policy.

Site Cleanup Package
One Time Fee
  • Complete Site Backup
  • Remove Website Malware
  • Automated and Manual Cleanups
  • Your Hosting or Ours
  • Expert Security Team
  • Quarantine Files
  • Complete Site Review
$125.00 one time fee
Want a site cleanup - SecurItPress

Do you need a site cleaned up? Partner with SecurItPress today!

Our automated and manual cleanups increase your website’s security defenses. Take website management and maintenance off your hands and focus on the important tasks in your business.

What We Do

WordPress Back doors

We identify potential backdoors in your WordPress website and fix them. This can fix your current vulnerability issue, while at the same time, it will prevent further hacks from occurring on your WordPress site.

Google Blacklist

Is Google displaying a hacked warning when someone visits your website? No worries. We’ll clean and fix your website, and then tell Google to whitelist your website again.

WordPress Phishing

We identify the phishing scam and remove it, so your customers aren’t at risk anymore.

Database Injections

We repair your database so your website can work as expected again, fast and secure.

Redirects to Spam Sites

We find and remove base64 and any encrypted code that gets your visitors redirected to a spam website.

Malicious Code

We scan your website for malicious code and remove it, so your website is clean again.

Post Site Cleanup Best Practices

After cleaning your site, SecurItPress helps to ensure your site from future attacks

Make sure your website software has no known security vulnerabilities. Fix all identified security issues. Our team will offer specific recommendations.



Is the password your are using for your WordPress Admin and cPanel the same? Best practice is to use unique password for each site.

A good backup can save the day. We recommend setting up at least daily backups of your site. Better yet, use a third party storage provided like Amazon or Dropbox.



Regularly scanning your site for malware is an important step in having the upper hand when it comes to detection.

WAF (Web Application Firewall) are a great first line of defense to protect your site from attacks like DDoS. There are great free services like CloudFlare that you can setup in minutes.



Even after your site might be clean of Malware, it still might be listed on many sites as being ‘blacklisted’. Sites like Google Safe Browsing and Norton Safe Web can prevent your customers from accessing your site.

Got your Website Cleaned up? Take the Next Step.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Know Trying A New Service Can Be Scary and Overwhelming. That’s Why We Offer A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If You’re Not Happy With Our Service We’ll Gladly Refund You Every Penny!

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Best WordPress Partner We’ve Worked With

We couldn’t keep up with the daily upkeep of our website and SecurItPress was recommended by a fellow small business owner. They took over the maintenance and hosting of our site! Couldn’t be happier and a bonus was the site loaded faster than it ever had.
Sophia Bailey
Mad Mini’s