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The Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools for Boosting Your Campaign 2022

WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems out there, and it has been that way for years. Sites that run on WordPress would highly benefit from installing SEO plugins. If you’re up for a faster page loading speed, better security of your website, and the betterment of your site’s overall performance, you should start using a WordPress SEO plugin. Having an SEO plugin for your WordPress-powered website will make the competition a whole lot easier for you by driving targeted traffic over to your site.

What is SEO and the Plugins You can Use?

But before everything else, what even is SEO? To make it short and simple, SEO or Search Engine Optimization will help your site rank higher on search engines by optimizing and improving its traffic.; this may sound like a complicated process. However, with the best WordPress SEO plugins, your website will be able to achieve the success you’re looking for much more easily than you initially thought.

Before choosing your site’s SEO plugin, you must consider a few things, such as WordPress custom theme and WordPress security, which we will tackle in this article. Before that, continue reading to discover the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools for boosting your campaign this 2022.


SEOPress is a WordPress SEO plugin that comes in two versions, a free one and the SEOPress Pro, which you can get by availing their priced subscription. The free version is perfect for beginners since it already has all the main tools, but the Pro version incorporates extra tools for that extra push up the rankings. However, both of SEOPress’ SEO plugins will cover your basic needs. 

SEOPress Features

  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Google Analytics Tool
  • simple installation wizard
  • content analysis tool
  • generation of both XML and HTML sitemaps
  • control of titles and meta descriptions
  • generation of metadata for Twitter Card

If you opt for the Pro version, it will provide you with a lot more features, such as providing you with a WordPress custom theme that is fully customizable and responsive. It also includes other features like backlinks, Google structured data types, 301 redirections, 404 monitoring, WooCommerce SEO, and a whole lot more. 

SEOPress’ Paid WordPress Support Plans

  • SEOPress Pro 
  • SEOPress Insights 
  • SEOPress Bundle (SEOPress FREE, PRO, and Insights.)

SEOPress’ Insights will provide you with the capability to track keyword rankings, remove links that are pulling you down the SEO ranks and check who helps increase the authority of your domain.

Ahrefs SEO

Have you been using different WordPress SEO plugins? If you’ve been well versed in the SEO field, Ahrefs might be the perfect fit for you since it might just cover the full 380° of your SEO needs.

Ahrefs WordPress SEO plugin will provide you with insight into the website as a whole and each content you put out there. This lightweight plugin is available for free installation, but to take full advantage of this well-known SEO plugin, you’d need to purchase an Ahrefs license. You can also use the Ahrefs SEO plugin to partner with your current WordPress SEO plugin. With this SEO plugin, you’ll be able to audit your site’s content on a deeper level.

Ahrefs SEO Features

  • Uncover gaps in content.
  • Monitor outbound links.
  • View total traffic.
  • View organic traffic percentage.
  • Provide to make your site rank higher.
  • Analyze SERP history.
  • View rank history.
  • See data on “clicks.”
  • Do keyword research for search engines.
  • Analyze internal backlinks. 
  • Look for link prospects with Content Explorer.

There are a lot more features that this SEO plugin provides. There is no doubt that Ahrefs will help you go the extra mile. 


Are you looking for the best deal that wouldn’t break the bank? SecrItPress provides your WordPress site with industry-leading WordPress care, security, support, hosting, and maintenance for different businesses. It incorporates the importance of SEO and security in one.

You’ll be saving time and money with SecurItPress’ WordPress support plans. All you need to do is focus on your online presence, and they’ll handle the rest. 

SecurItPress has three different WordPress support plans that you can choose from; you may also choose from monthly or lump sum payments that automatically renew, so you won’t have to worry about any risk in security or optimization, plus they all offer daily backups to the Amazon cloud. Here are the three plans available:

Basic Package

For SecurItPress’ basic package, you’ll be able to have the bi-weekly plugin, theme, and core update checks partnered with weekly security and performance scans. You won’t have to worry about conducting uptime monitoring since the basic package will do this for you every 15 minutes. With this budget-friendly plan, you’ll also get monthly client reports so that you may keep an eye on how your WordPress site is doing. 

Advanced Package

Are you looking for something more from a WordPress support plan? Maybe the advanced package will satisfy your needs. 

SecurItPress’s advanced package offers premium optimized WordPress hosting, daily backups, and compared to the basic packages bi-weekly plugin, theme, and core update checks. The advance package conducts these checks weekly, partnered with daily security and performance scans. Uptime monitoring is done every 5 minutes, plus you’ll enjoy seeing your website generate more visitors with the SEO keyword ranking, with up to 20 keywords provided by the client as well as monthly client reports.

Premium Package

Now, what if we take SecurItPress’ offers that revolve around WordPress custom theme, WordPress care, WordPress security, and WordPress SEO into one package but made even better?

The premium package is the show’s star under SecurItPress’s WordPress tools. With this package, you’ll have dedicated optimized WordPress hosting, hourly backups, weekly plugin, theme and core update checks, as well as daily security and performance scans. Uptime monitoring? There’s no need to worry about any downtime since this package monitors your site every 1 minute. This package will also provide you with monthly client reports.

What about WordPress SEO keyword ranking? Well, with SecurItPress’ advanced package, you’ll get SEO keyword ranking with up to 100 keywords provided by the client!

This WordPress support plan provides you with a push to go up the search engine rankings and ensures WordPress security, which is vital for any website during this digital age. 

Schema Pro

Would you like to see your content on the upper page of search engines? With the competition in this digital age, it may seem hard. However, with the help of WordPress SEO plugins or tools, you’ll be able to do it easily. 

Schema Pro supports a whole lot of content types ranging from articles, job postings, local businesses, FAQs, events, services, and a whole lot more. If you’re one of those people who publish a lot of content on the web, you would need the help of this plugin. 

You might think that this might be too technical; before the availability of plugins like this one, it was. With the help of plugins like Schema Pro, which handles all the backend technicalities, you won’t have to worry about coding. It’s got your back if you’re looking for true optimization that will provide you with rich snippets results. 

Schema Pro’s plugin features will surely get people’s attention. You’ll be enjoying the use of advanced schema types, live schema testing, article guidelines, premium support for your WordPress care; this subscription allows for unlimited website usage, product updates, and display rules freedom which is all guaranteed risk-free. You can also get the growth bundle that provides additional tools for the best results!


When creating posts to be uploaded to your website, the first thing you’ll need to keep in mind is how SEO-friendly it should be. Regardless of how nice your article or blog is, the lack of SEO content wouldn’t bring any organic traffic to your site. With SEMrush, writing SEO-friendly articles are easy. 

 When writing content, you should keep in mind that you must satisfy two things: the search engines and your target audience. This WordPress SEO plugin can assist you in writing by providing you with useful recommendations based on a given keyword; these recommendations are based on the top 10 page rankings on search engines to ensure that your article is written to your advantage.

This plugin not only optimizes your article to bring out the best SEO keywords, but it also doesn’t make your piece sound bland or uninteresting since it keeps its natural flow, context, and conciseness. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has been on the list of top WordPress SEO plugins for quite some time now, and they do deserve the hype. Whether for personal use or business, Yoast will ensure that search engines will pick up on your website regardless of your blog type. 

This plugin is available for self-hosted WordPress sites that want to gain organic traffic to boost their website views, revenues, and customer count. 

Yoast Features

  • Allows creation of custom meta header and description
  • Allows breadcrumbs
  • Submits XML Sitemaps to search engines
  • Generates XML Sitemaps
  • Allows adding of page redirection
  • Allows permalink changes
  • Turns messy URLs to clean permalinks
  • Title and description bulk editing

There are plenty more of Yoast’s SEO-friendly features. So if you’re looking for a plugin that’ll help you write better SEO content, get suggestions for WordPress care to fix problems, and have better control of how your site links are shown, Yoast might be the plugin for you. 

Final Thoughts

2022 has brought an even stronger competition to deal with when it comes to boosting your social media presence. However, this will not cut it if you lack search engine optimization knowledge or skill. SEO will continue to be one of the strongest points to consider when putting your content out on the web, and with billions of people doing the same, WordPress SEO plugins are one of the ways you can find yourself going ahead of your game. The SEO tools and plugins in this article will ensure that your WordPress-powered site will get the organic traffic that it’s looking for. 

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