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Everything You Need to Know about WordPress Content Management (Highlights and Challenges)

What is WordPress content management? It is a CMS platform that is used in a variety of projects involving websites, E-commerce, and the Digital market. By using this platform, its dashboard feature can easily manage your website. Powering over 40% of all sites on the internet and having easy to use, its popularity has been rising since. Many E-commerce businesses use this CMS to manage, create, and produce digital content.

This article will let us take a look at everything you need to know about WordPress Content Management. Including sub-topics that can help you understand better.

What type of CMS is WordPress?

Physically speaking, WordPress has almost the same features as a CMS. Its modern features allow it to become flexible and advanced that it lets you create any website without the knowledge of coding/web development. Its features include a wide variety of themes and numerous plugin options to help you customize your website with ease.

Its aspect as a content management system makes it an open-source that is written in PHP (a programming language that uses a script to develop websites), which means you can use WordPress as a headless CMS.

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Is WordPress the best CMS?

WordPress is still relevant and still the best CMS to use today. Why? Even if you lack the skills to be a web developer or don’t have the knowledge to be one. Its user-friendly feature allows it to be a simple yet powerful CMS tool. Most people still choose WordPress as CMS because of these reasons:

  • SEO proficiency – having to reach top-rank results on search engines plays a crucial part in having a website. Every day, search engines like safari, Google, and Bing encounter heavy website traffic as they can bring thousands of search results, resulting in concerned SEOs. However, WordPress can give you an advantage as it is accurate in HTML markup, Content organization, and valuable SEO permalinks. This is why many people use WordPress content management.
  • User-friendly – as stated above, WordPress powers over 40% of all sites on the internet. Reaching that percentage, what does it really take for you to use this kind of CMS? As true as it seems, it only takes minimal skill and effort to produce such a powerful website. Its simplicity will help you manage your content, files, and blogs through the use of a dashboard, with its variety of themes and numerous options on plugins. You can create a pleasing yet dynamic website.
  • Optimized for mobile use – during this 20th century, technology has removed its cap on innovation. As years pass by, many individuals prefer browsing on their hand-held devices. Still, there are websites out there that aren’t optimized for mobile use, this is where WordPress comes in. It is compatible with any smartphone browser making it easy to access. With its responsive themes, you can use mobile features to the next level. Just be sure to use a responsive theme and plugins to give you a substantial user experience.
  • Minimal Security risk – having a website makes you prone to cyberattack, leaking your data, files, and other valuable content. It is no surprise that security risk is a never-ending dilemma on the internet. However, you can prevent this by simply keeping your latest version of WordPress up to date and relying on plugins and themes that you trust. By doing so, you can prevent heavy losses and reduce security risks.
  • Growth and beyond – The WordPress community has kept expanding throughout the years. Thanks to its simplicity and dynamic feature, it convinces people as it is super easy to use, requiring zero knowledge in web development. Each time it improves its functionality through updated dashboards, SEOs, themes, plugins, and user interfaces, WordPress will dominate and continue its growth.

Through WordPress content management- blogging, E-commerce, and publications are easier than ever. By incorporating plugins into a selection of themes, it negates the limitation of your website.

Nevertheless, stated below are frequently asked questions that are common, so we will give you some insights about them.
  • How many WordPress posts can I create?
  • Which is better, WordPress or Webflow?
  • What makes WordPress better than CMS?

How many WordPress posts can I create?

Using WordPress, you can post blogs and content as much as you want. This platform has no limit regarding the number of posts and pages you can generate. Be mindful that the more you put content/files on your website, the more time it will load. However, you can prevent this from happening by using fewer themes and sufficient plugins.

Having unlimited WordPress posts generates more FAQs for most people. A few of them are:

  • Will it have more advantages in SEO?

As mentioned above, WordPress gives you an advantage in SEOs by its accuracy in HTML markup, Content organization, and valuable SEO permalinks. However, you must remember that search engines like content to be sorted out and classified. So, I suggest that you pay attention to the arrangement of your posts.

  • What kind of page should I use for posts?

The answer to this question depends on what you are posting. Always depend on your page on the context of the posts you are making. However, it is relevant that you include important pages on your website such as about, policy, contact, terms of service, main menu, and feedback page.

  • Can you switch posts freely and vice versa?

You can actually, but you must be knowledgeable about WordPress’s default post types. You can do this by adding plugins like “Post Type Switcher.” Whereas it can help you navigate your post types and edit posts at will.

Which is better, WordPress or Webflow?

Both of these CMS are excellent in their respective areas. What you prefer really depends on what you need and what you’re looking for to build a website. To help clear things up, let us determine a few advantages and disadvantages of both platforms.



  • Low cost and open-source CMS
  • Requires minimal to zero knowledge in web development
  • Numerous plugins and has a huge option for themes


  • Its default editor is dynamic
  • Doesn’t rely on plugins and other third-party services
  • Its performance optimization as a website is much faster


  • Being an independent platform, you have to maintain its updates and security manually
  • Adding features can be complex and tricky because it relies on plugins
  • It doesn’t provide direct CS (customer support).


  • It can be baffling to use this platform as it requires some basic coding for web development
  • Unlike WordPress, it doesn’t have any plugins. Limiting your website’s options
  • It is more expensive

Knowing these advantages and disadvantages can help you reconsider your choices. For some people, WordPress is their need because of its user-friendly feature. At the same time, some others who have knowledge in coding prefer Webflow as it is faster to create designs for the website. With that being said, they are both excellent platforms to use.

What makes WordPress better than CMS?

WordPress content management is better than most CMS because of its ease to use and flexibility to create websites. It is the sole reason why WordPress stands out among other CMS platforms. It is quick to master, doesn’t require skills and knowledge, and is easy to optimize.

It’s relevant that you consider your options through what we’ve discussed. Choosing WordPress content management gives you a better option for gaining success with minimal effort.

As you’ve learned, WordPress today continues to dominate the competition in CMS. They control over 40% of overall sites and have proven that it is more dynamic and cost-efficient. However, choosing the agency that offers WordPress content management is also vital for your area. As you can see, SecurItPress has cemented its way of providing service in CMS with top-notch results that allows you to obtain your ideal target while costing less labor at the same time. We are composed of professionals and experienced developers, we can produce high-grade websites with the elements and features you need to start your foundation.

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