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What To Monitor In WordPress Activity Logs?

What To Monitor In WordPress Activity Logs?

The upkeep of a WordPress website is not a dull task. With the need for daily WordPress maintenance services and protection, it’s becoming increasingly important to sign up for security services. You don’t want to be at risk for cyberattacks, either. Therefore, you should check on both activity and access management and login history frequently to combat any vulnerability gaps in your site that may result from malware or other malware, hacker attacks or malfunctions or other security breaches.

Recognizing User Activity Logs or WordPress Activity Logs

WordPress does not enable users to track what has happened on the site, such as when customers post or edit their content or upload pictures. As a result, there is a great chance that the information that many users can access may get altered by malicious third parties and thus compromise your website’s security. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for users to install WordPress activity logs as they act as auditing tools that help track even the smallest changes happening on your blog and provide insight into what needs to be done to ensure WordPress security is never jeopardized! 

Here are some modifications that can be traced down with the assistance of a plugin:

  • Changes to the theme, concept, pages, comments, and posts. 
  • Modifications in widgets, menus, settings, and other tags categories.
  • Core update, plugins, custom posts, media, further with export changes.
  • Classification, taxonomies terms, along with user changes.

Something as simple as having a mail client set up can also be an effective way of staying on top of your security. For example, you could have notifications for any changes to the WordPress content be forwarded to you automatically via email.

Why Should You Keep Track of Your WordPress Activities?

Why Should You Keep Track of Your WordPress Activities?
Source: Jetpack

Checking the WordPress activity means checking for a lot of things. You should know what to look for when monitoring activity because there are some crucial factors: 

Multiple User Access

Removing or adding plugins to a WordPress website can cause serious repercussions that haven’t been foreseen. Some changes may look good, and some may not. It’s essential to find the right balance between having too many plugins and possibly running into speed, security, or other problems that might arise to get the best results from your web presence.   

Technical Assistance

A team of technical professionals regularly updates the website to ensure seamless operation, and the website may suddenly cease functioning and become unresponsive if left unattended. Nobody knows what occurs, but you can hope that being aware of your users’ activities will help you determine what causes this to happen when it suddenly occurs. If a large amount of valuable information were obtained by efforts put forth to build a user activity log system that records every action every time someone uses the site, it would be one less mystery surrounding IT troubleshooting practices and much more useful throughout an environment with many users.

High Level of Security for The Website

Cyber-attacks have become a normal part of modern life. If 43% of all attacks are launched on small company websites, it would be foolish to ignore potential dangers as you’d likely be next in line. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your site, such as installing a user activity monitoring plugin and ensuring only you – the owner – is given access to the login page. This way, if something were to happen, they couldn’t cause any problems by accident. Whatever you do, always remember that it’s better safe than sorry! User activity tracking data will tell you if something has gone wrong so that should anything untoward occur, you’ll have an idea of what may have caused it, which will help reduce any downtime.

What Should You Keep an Eye On?

Changes in The WordPress Plugin 

WordPress has over 50,000 plugins and developed to help improve functionality. If you are a developer, you may feel as if you need more because, with too many plugins, your site may become limited in what it can do or be affected by performance issues. One of the best options to install is the activity log plugin because, even though it is a bit difficult to set up and configure, once done, it will give you everything you need to see about your website’s performance as well as a who’s who of all your users.

Keeping Track of The Website’s Modifications

This is utterly critical to a WordPress integration. Be sure that your auditing platform sends you alerts about modified files and DNS record changes by default.

Keeping Track of Modifications to Blog Postings

Leaving a blog post unattended could turn out to be a major relief. It’s good to double-check that the information you’ve released is completely relevant as your goals must give you an alert in this field of technological changes and more before anything else! Any corrections in the future will be needed to have any future changes reported promptly.

Keeping Tracking of WordPress Theme Updates

Activating multiple themes on your WordPress website may lead to some strange circumstances, but you’ll need numerous themes if you’re working on different sites. In this situation, it’s critical to keep an eye on the theme’s plugin. Whenever you change the following procedures connected to themes, make sure you get a notification email right away. If you’re content with the choices you made for your website, please completely disallow anyone from modifying it either by adding or editing code in your files and uploading again. Be cautious when making this modification since hackers may take advantage of the circumstance. 

Maintaining a Record of Changes in Core Settings

Any changes you have made to WordPress fundamental functioning, even if just one, are not preferable. It’s crucial to monitor what is going on with your website if any foundational changes have taken place regarding the installation or permissions of your content directory. Any tinkering with WordPress might lead to incompatibility of plugins installed on your site, especially those that operate as an e-commerce platform. If you are in charge of doing a product launch, you should be prepared for the worst by implementing measures beforehand to prevent any mishaps from happening before and during your launch period!

Keeping Track of Changes in User Login Behaviour 

We urge you to take note of suspicious activities on your network. WordPress makes it easy to create an unlimited number of logins by default. Intruders exploit this function to launch mass attacks on your website. Reduce the chances that they will succeed by using a specific plugin or firewall in conjunction with the developer’s security measures that have been provided as part of their solution.

Keeping Track of Security Updates

If you’re frequently visiting your website, whether to check out what new products are available or for some other reason, ensure to think about your site’s safety and security. Ensure to regularly check access protections when major safety releases keep coming up. It’s okay if you’re using a sophisticated website security plugin, but if you’re not, then your chances of having someone take over your website are much greater. 

How Should You Monitor?

WordPress can’t automatically monitor any website activity. By default, installing the plugin is recommended, which will begin monitoring the website immediately upon installation. The dashboard can show you changes immediately, or you can receive email alerts about specific changes, such as viewing the visitor’s IPs’ history and how often they visit your website.

Best WordPress Activity Log plugin to Know About

Go with the following requirement in a WordPress activity log plugin before navigating user activity in WordPress-

  • Verify plugins that support the administrator.
  • Plugins should be capable of delivering security services.
  • The user activity plugin should make debugging easier.
  • The plugin should not tamper with the uprightness of the content.

User Activity Log Pro – WordPress Activity Tracking


WordPress activity log plugin allows you to track and monitor user activity on the admin side. It keeps you up to date on WordPress core changes, post updates, user activity, and so on. If you have many users on your website or are responsible for performing different administrative tasks, this plugin helps you keep an eye on all these personnel. This will let you know if all the administrative duties of your team members are taken care of more efficiently and timely.

Easy-To-use History Plugin

A simple history plugin is a basic tool for tracking the changes on your website. In addition, it contains both analytics and allows you to create reports on changes made: Pages, entries, comments, widgets, plugins and users are all available and can be changed in real-time. Moreover, statistics related to activity as a whole (session length, downloads etc.) or item by item can easily be conducted. 

Stream Plugin

The Stream plugin is one of the easiest WordPress monitoring plugins available on the web. It has been designed to be used by beginners and pro users. Themes, users, plugins, categories, tags, menus, comments, widgets and even theme editing can be monitored. 

Activity Log

The Activity Log WordPress plugin is also available through our website, and it has many features. For example, you may download this plugin and view the log of your user group’s activities as they utilize the website. The developers of this program have created a tool that is sure to meet both your personal and business needs since it records all types of actions that are made on your page by any visitor by email. This software will assist you in keeping a record of all logins and passwords for maximum security, along with the exact time users make changes to certain pages or posts on your website, including their IP address and even the profile picture, if applicable.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to maintaining a healthy site and keeping your content safe, you need to be aware of the several activities via your WordPress dashboard. We have introduced some plugins that you will find useful for tracking down certain tasks. These plugins will allow you to carefully monitor any changes in WordPress activity by simply keeping track of changes made in posts/pages, user logins, authoring attribution and more! Here we’ll go over one or two points on preventing unwanted activity on the site or any potential security concerns.

We hope you like this blog, and you make the most out of it. Check our website if you want more blogs on WordPress website maintenance or WordPress security service.

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