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Top Benefits of Adding Social Media Feed on WordPress Website

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A new website pops up every new day, and the struggle to maintain a sufficient online presence gets even more aggressive. Creating an amazing presence for your website is a complex task among this cutting-edge competition. 

Your website should have that X-factor that delivers your visitors with something extra that other websites fail. Implanting social media feeds on your WordPress website gives you that add-on edge above your competitors which can help your website stand out from the competition while surviving a good online presence. 

In this read, we will consider some advantages that come along with implanting social media feeds on your website:

Collection of all Social Media Profiles at One Place

There are so many social media profiles competing out there in the market that it is hard to keep up with all of them. 

In the process of implementing social media feeds on your WordPress website, you have first to accumulate all the social media profile feeds on one platform using some social media aggregator tool. Once you have completed this step, you can implant it all on any website. 

When you amalgamate them together before adding them to a website, you get a chance to handle and observe all your social media profiles together. This is like handling 2 tasks in one go, i.e. social media collection & management, and adding them to your website. This process goes parallel. 

Enhancing Your Website’s Presentation

Everyone’s aware of the addiction to social media. Now, imagine adding all that extra spark to spice up your mundane website. Sounds intriguing, right?

This is where the role of adding social media to your website comes. This makes it fascinating, creative, engaging and calming to motivate the visitors to stay on the site to glance at what you have created. In short, adding social media feeds to your website can help enhance your website’s presence and improve your WordPress website’s UI. 

Exhibits User-Generated Content

Social Media has a stock of user-generated content. Generally, users posts content such as images, videos, comments, etc., on their social media profiles to express their opinions about a specific brand or a campaign. 

Having social media feeds added to your WordPress website allows you to present user-generated content as a unified part of your WordPress website. Your visitors will love this kind of content. After all, they are the original creators. Moreover, when you show user-generated content on your website, this also motivates other visitors of your WordPress website to post content of the same niche using similar hashtags so that they are published on the website next time. 

Holds a Grip on Your Visitors

As per the discussion, we are aware of the addiction to social media and the love for user-generated content; one thing is very sure adding social media feeds on your website will surely engage your visitors. 

Presenting user-generated content on your website provides them with a source of motivation that makes them engage and relate to your website more and thus boosts their interest in your website. 

This will help attract more and more visitors and later on they will visit again and again. In addition, including visuals by adding social media feeds on your WordPress website increases the appeal of your website. 

It’s a proven fact that visuals are more engaging than texts. But, of course, it’s a cherry on the cake if it’s social media. 

Expanding your Visitor’s Dwell-Time

When the visitors on the website interact more with the website’s content, they will stay more, and they come back more. 

This helps in enhancing the dwell-time of the visitors to your WordPress website. Dwell-time is when a visitor stays on your website performing engaging activities on your website. Unfortunately, when visitors hold minimum patience in the modern-day, they quickly switch to some other website if they don’t find anything interesting or worth engaging. 

Showing user-generated content by adding social media feeds on the website will help you provide your visitors on the website with relevant content that’ll make them stay longer, thus increasing their dwell time. 

Decreases Bounce Rate

An increment in the dwell time automatically implicit a decreased bounce rate. The bounce rate shows how frequently any visitor exists on a webpage in the middle or even after just visiting a single webpage. An increased bounce rate shows that your content for the website is mundane and not quite engaging.  

Including social media content on your WordPress website will help you avoid the thing mentioned above. Social media shows interesting, fresh, vivid, and unique content, significantly reducing bounce rate. 

Enhances Conversion Rates

Even though you have an informative website or an e-commerce website, including social media on your business WordPress site is the smartest and wisest choice to grow in the business. 

Showing user-generated content by including social media feeds on your WordPress website will help you bring the point of inspiration near the point of sale. 

This also motivates the visitors to have the final purchase decision in your favor. Exhibiting user-generated content will provide them with a helping hand to decide that purchase and give them a final push. 

This helps drive the conversion rates in a beneficial direction, thus an increment in sales and growth of your online business. 

Helps in Building Social Trust

Presenting user-generated content through social media feeds on your website will help you provide social proof for the brand. This will also generate social trust, making the visitors more loyal to the brand. 

Inculcating social media feeds helps in the expansion of the social reach and helps in expanding social influence within your user base and beyond that. 

Incorporating social media feeds on your website increases your touchpoints with your customers and directs your website traffic to your social media profiles, therefore growing your social reach and social influence. 

Thus, increasing in generating more social trust. 

Now the question arises:


Here is a three-step guide on adding a social media feed to any website:

  • Create social feeds with automation from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.
  • First, select the display layout: Wall, Grid, or Carousel.
  • Implant the feed on any page and digital service.

Create social feeds with automation from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The primary step is to determine what content to create and display. You can collect content from multiple resources and show them at one place or distinctively with some social media feed creator tool. 

The next step includes selecting a layout from that tool. After creating the feed, you can choose from Wall, Grid, or Carousel Layout. Finally, you can add it to any digital service after choosing the desired layout.  

Embed the feed on any page and digital service

The last step is to add a social media feed creator tool to your website.

Final Words

Including social media feeds on your website adds much more value than discussed above. This also helps develop word-of-mouth marketing for the brand and expand your user base. 

Including social media feeds on your website comes with the characteristics like vivid analytics, a strong panel, amazing customization options and much more to make the social media feeds more interactive. 

SecurItPress provides you with website care plans and WordPress care plans for all your WordPress needs. We cater to all kinds of WordPress issues and help you resolve them quickly. 

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