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5 Best Performing Social Media Widgets for WordPress 

Having a WordPress website is no doubt helpful in creating brand awareness. But, even if you already have one, you would surely agree that there are still additional works to be done. Aside from establishing awareness, it would be best if you also worked on building engagement. Thankfully, you can encourage your visitors to know more about your business with the help of the best performing social media widgets for WordPress. 

Is it Essential to Use Social Media Widgets for WordPress?

WordPress caters to your online development initiative with content management. It contains plugin architectures, responsive theme designs, and multiple features that simplify publishing content. With the addition of social media widgets for WordPress, you can easily amplify real value, improve your web page, and contribute to the usefulness of your online channels. Furthermore, these widgets serve as a bridge between you and your customers.

social media widgets for WordPress

Here are some of the top reasons by using social media widgets for WordPress is a must: 

Spread your brand’s message across multiple channels. 

Consumers want an easier way to find other content platforms you maintain for your business. The links make sharing convenient, thus saving you and your clients more time. Showcasing this type of content will eventually build trust. Adding social media widgets to your website typically results in new prospects for your business.

Social media widgets for WordPress can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your site. 

Companies pay massive attention to adding charm to their websites, therefore, using social media platforms to their advantage. This strategy results in the website’s visual appeal, thus creating an excellent impression to potential customers.

Widgets serve as social proof. 

A customer always looks for testimonies and reviews before making a purchase decision. Consumers are not interested in a product or service that does not stand to their expectations and satisfaction. Social media users often provide proofs and reviews, which eventually helps the business establish trust. Social proof encourages and convinces people to buy products with the help of social media widgets—companies extract more benefits from this marketing maneuver. Hence, providing them transparency improves your market reputation.

Providing quality information and content has never been easier nowadays. Proven that using social media platforms is vital for a company’s marketing strategy, social media widgets lead your website visitors to your social profile. To increase engagements, here are some of the best social media widgets for WordPress to boost traffic:

1. Social Icons Widget by WPZoom

Social Icons Widget includes over four hundred customizable and straightforward icons to help you link social media profiles on a WordPress website.

Highly Customizable & User-friendly. Let users create appealing icons that will make your readers curious. Use any color, choose from icon styles, and adjust icon sizes. The plugin is easy to use due to its drag & drop feature and lets you add icons in a widget area.

A broad collection of icons. This social media widget allows users to choose from one hundred social networks and four hundred icons to match social media profiles. You can add a profile link, and it will automatically detect the icon.

Outstanding Performance. With optimization in mind, Social Icons Widget makes sure not to delay the loading speed.

Social Icons Widget is a free widget plugin for those interested in integrating social networks with their website.

2. AddToAny

AddToAny is a sharing platform integrated into a website using a web widget or plugin. Website visitors can share or save an item using a variety of services. Its features are:

Responsive. It automatically adjusts the layout and size of the share buttons depending on the kind of device the website visitor is using.

It Optimizes Social Icons. This widget plugin provides social share buttons that quickly load and high-resolution graphics.

Counts Number of Shares. Another feature is that AddToAny monitors and shows the number of times that people reposted your content. It helps establish site credibility.

Customizable. AddToAny allows users to personalize sharing buttons by changing the color theme and style to adjust websites’ appearance.

Fast Loading Speed. This social sharing widget works well with WordPress sites and loads quickly regardless of website traffic.

This sharing plugin lets the WordPress website reach clients globally because it is available in different languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian.

3. Blog2Social

Blog2Social provides a ready-to-use time manager to auto-schedule social media posts on multiple social media networks. This widget for WordPress is perfect for websites that prefer flexible ways to customize their feeds. It helps ensure consistency on the websites’ social media platforms. Features included are:

Social Media Posting. This WordPress plugin automatically shares posts manually on social media sites instead of doing them manually.

Hashtag Generator. Blog2Social automatically adds hashtags to website posts resulting in more people who can discover your content.

Customizable Social Media Posts. This feature lets users decide how their posts look on social media channels to get more views and engagements.

Comprehensive Dashboard. Keeping track of all social media activities is also a notable feature of this plugin. It allows users to manage posts from one dashboard.

This plugin for WordPress is suitable for all types of blogs and is available for free. They offer premium plans to those who want to use an advanced version starting at $89 per year.

4. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed allows a website to engage with visitors by adding videos and photos. It is suitable for WordPress users who are active on the social media platform – Instagram.

Customizable Layouts. This plugin automatically links an Instagram feed on a website while giving the user control over the display settings.

Pre-built templates. Users can choose from professional design themes to capture attention.

Filtered Feeds. It gives users the capabilities to choose what to highlight or hide.

Responsive Design. This WordPress widget works on any gadget to ensure that the website visitors have an exceptional experience.

10Web Social Photo Feed is a free widget. Users can also purchase a premium version that costs $25 per license. The premium version lets users add transitions and access technical support.

5. Smash Ballon Social Post Feed

Smash Ballon Social Post Feed is perfect for boosting content visibility and audience engagements. Its features are:

Fully customizable. This widget plugin lets the users personalize their website layouts, and the appearance of social media feeds to match widgets and website design.

SEO-Friendly. Enhances how search engines rank your website so that the user can get more traffic.

Built-in caching. This widget plugin ensures that the website loads quickly and efficiently for an excellent user experience.

Aside from the free services that Smash Balloon Social Post Feed offers, they also have a premium version starting at $49 per year.

Social Media Widgets for WordPress: Key Takeaways

Having an attractive website and being active on social media channels can help you build and retain a solid bond with new customers and old ones. Making connections between the website and social media platforms is a massive advantage in helping your business boost traffic. Social media widgets for WordPress give control over this traffic and also helps you maximize your presence in the digital market!

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