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Starting Up Your Online Business with WordPress WooCommerce

Convenience and Safety is the new market trend today. The rise of e-commerce is made possible due to the Covid19 pandemic. Businesses and brands have transitioned to online selling to cross the geographical divide between them and their customers. Now, going online through WordPress WooCommerce is one of the most popular ways to open up an e-commerce store because of its convenience and flexibility. This article is perfect for you if you plan to open your shop on your WordPress-powered website!

What is WordPress WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a flexible and open-source commerce solution and plugin built on WordPress. It empowers small and medium businesses to build the store they desire and sell online. It helps online merchants create and manage their stores with full control and flexibility. 

Tools that include tax management, inventory, shipping integration, and secure payments are just some of the unique features that WooCommerce boasts. Offering convenient transactions to your clients, such as booking appointments, browsing your products and services, signing up for membership and subscription, and making payments through your website, will take your online store to a great level.

It’s the best e-commerce solution for WordPress-powered websites providing online merchants with great Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And because it’s open-source, merchants have infinite customizations and choices to use.

As of June 2019, twenty-two percent of the top one million e-commerce websites and around seven percent of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce. Thanks to WordPress’s popularity and large user rates, WooCommerce garnered over four million active installs, a 4.6 high user rate on, and many satisfied, loyal, and happy online brand owners.

If you’re planning to start your business on your WordPress website, choosing WooCommerce is the best decision. 

The Benefits of using WordPress WooCommerce.

WordPress WooCommerce provides highly customizable and unique e-commerce solutions for online brand owners. Aside from its strong popularity as an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, there are plenty of reasons you should use it.

  1. WooCommerce is budget-friendly.

Pricing is one of the major factors that online store owners consider in choosing a platform. Well, good news! WooCommerce is affordable and scalable. It will cost nothing to add WooCommerce to your website. Since it’s free, any online entrepreneurs and business owners can use WooCommerce to leverage their e-commerce stores and make the most out of it. 

You can use WooCommerce to its fullest advantage without committing to high-priced support contracts and exclusive software licenses. You can use many themes and store management functions in WooCommerce for free. But if you want your online store to stand out from the crowd and possess much better store management functions, you can opt for paid WooCommerce themes, which can cause you from twenty to one hundred dollars per year. 

  1. WooCommerce is highly flexible and customizable.

If you want to optimize your time, grow your business, and provide quality customer experience, WooCommerce has it all. Many online store owners use WooCommerce for its extensibility and flexibility. 

You can create the store of your preference through its wide array of extension libraries and database experts to help you. Any design and functionality you want for your online store can be made possible by WooCommerce. 

  1. WooCommerce is modular.

WooCommerce has a modular framework, which includes a broad range of unique features that you can extend with the help of additional plugins. Because of its modularity, online store owners can access hundreds of WooCommerce e-commerce-particular extensions and thousands of plugins for WordPress.

Unlike monolithic applications, a modular system helps create a community of developers who make extensions that can improve the functionality of both WooCommerce and WordPress. These extensions or plugins are a great help in expanding the functionality of your e-commerce store when it comes to how products are managed, shipping, payments, and more. Choose the right plugins; WooCommerce will be the perfect open-source e-commerce platform. 

  1. WooCommerce keeps everything in one place.

A perfect place that has it all is perfect for saving time and excessive effort in managing your e-commerce store. WooCommerce is the perfect solution. Instead of having different online platforms for your store management, you can control each from your WordPress dashboard. 

Editing your content, adding posts to your website, and managing your clients’ payments, orders, and purchases without switching windows is possible through WordPress WooCommerce. Giving you an easier and more productive workflow with focused attention and fewer mistakes.

Jetpack CRM might be the right choice if you want detailed client relationship management. It will help you manage your customers, leads, invoices, transactions, and quotes flawlessly from your WordPress dashboard. Jetpack CRM’s most expensive license is only seventeen dollars per year, and it won’t limit your contact and user lists.

  1. You can effectively sell anything with WooCommerce.

With WooCommerce, you don’t have to contemplate if your product or service is acceptable for the online community. WooCommerce is a way for you to sell anything! 

Because of its remarkable flexibility, you can create the perfect website for your products and services. Do you want to sell physical products or digital ones or offer services? Offering appointments, memberships, and subscription plans are also possible. You name it! Everything is possible with WordPress Woocommerce. 

You can appealingly display and list your products and services and make it easy for your clients to navigate your store. 

image 10
  1. WooCommerce has built-in analytics.

Knowing more about your customers and how they interact with your store is a great way to improve your brand. You can access this kind of data through WooCommerce’s built-in analytics.

For instance, you can analyze your sales data to learn more about your customers and even create customer profiles to boost your sales. You can choose the tools you want from WooCommerce’s extensive set of analytics presented in a clear and intuitive interface. You can also easily integrate WooCommerce with Google Analytics e-commerce and other external analytics. 

  1. Your business’ success is WooCommerce’s success.

As a brand owner, your ultimate goal is to take your business to the peak of success. That’s why it’s important to choose a platform that will be able to support and sustain your business as it grows. 

Having an effective e-commerce strategy is necessary to secure your brand’s future. You might be starting small now, but soon, your business will expand. WordPress WooCommerce can support your e-commerce store without complexity, despite its size. It’s like an additional wheel to your bicycle to give you stability and security.

WooCommerce can support businesses of all sizes. You don’t have to worry about your WooCommerce website’s functionality once your business offers a wide range of products and services and receives hundreds to thousands of customers. 

Opening your e-commerce store can be challenging and stressful but with WooCommerce, expect that only great changes will come with your e-commerce store as it grows. 

Secure Your WordPress WooCommerce Store with Us!

With the pandemic, business owners and customers flock to e-commerce for their transactions. WordPress WooCommerce is one of the most popular places for your products, services, and e-commerce needs. You can provide the highest quality customer service without leaving your home or setting up a physical store. All of your online business ideas are possible with WordPress WooCommerce.

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And, of course, as much as we want to give the best customer service, providing a secure and safe platform for your customers is a must. You must ensure that your e-commerce store is free from online threats and have the best functionality. Connect with for a peaceful and stress-free business startup!

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