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Don’t skip on choosing the right WordPress website hosting plan

Decided to update your WordPress website finally? But, have you thought about which WordPress care plans you would consider? Probably not. It is challenging to pick the right plan because several companies are offering different website care plans.

In this simple guide to choosing the right WordPress plan, you’ll learn some easy ways to make a decision and figure out which plan works best. Let’s begin by recalling some reasons why you need a website care plan.

Why bother about a website hosting and care plan?

A website care plan includes a set of services that constantly keep your site under check, maintain it and heed its smooth functionality. Under a care plan, you don’t have to worry about manually tracking all the different aspects of the website. The various aspects of any website include keeping the site up-to-date, secure, regularly backed up, under constant monitoring for viruses and malware, and safe from malicious and suspicious activities carried by hackers or cybercriminals. Here are some peculiar rationales to have a care plan:

  • You or your team might accidentally delete or break something.
  • Care plans include security services as well to prevent attacks from hackers eyeing your data.
  • Keep regular backups of your site and important files.
  • Update your WordPress website.
  • Do miscellaneous changes on the website, like creating a new page, layout modification, and adding and updating text and images.
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Provides additional support on call or email

Apart from WordPress care plans, it is essential to look rationally at website hosting plans too.

Choosing the right WordPress Plans

If you’re ready to protect your website without spending hundreds and thousands each month, it is essential to pick the right website care plan. However, you need to assess many types of WordPress hosting and care plans before buying one. When we talk about websites, WordPress is one of the most popular ones to offer you care and hosting at the same time. To easily understand the different WordPress hosting solutions, let us look at the most common categories.

  • Shared Self-Hosted WordPress Plan: These plans are best for small WordPress websites and blogs.
  • Managed Hosting WordPress Plans: These plans are suitable for large WordPress websites.
  • Fully Hosted WordPress Plans: Fully hosted palms are very expensive, and thus buying them is not recommended until you are a considerable company or brand.

Each of these WordPress plans is created with varied features and service levels, making it essential for your to explore every option.

Shared Self-Hosted WordPress Plans

These are the most popular hosting plans as they are affordable, easy to manage, flexible, and best to choose as WordPress starter plans. Since these plans share hosting resources with small businesses and other individual users, they cost low. The only downside of shared plans is; first, they give you limited server resources because they are meant for startups. Second, you’ll have to install WordPress updates, make backups, etc.

Bluehost will be a recommended choice because of its tried, tested, and proven services and performance. So, if you’re just starting, Bluehost is the way to go. Other top hosting and care plan contenders are HostGator and SiteGround.

Managed WordPress Plans

Managed WordPress plans efficiently handle your WordPress security, installing updates, scalability, and website speed. Buying this plan means having a small team of developers who take care of your website maintenance from A to Z. Many startups find it hard to associate cost with this WordPress plan. So, if you already have a shared plan that brings in enough revenue and traffic, upgrading to your WordPress plan is a good idea. 

The only downsides of a managed WordPress plan are the limit and control it has and its pricing.  If you’re thinking about which WordPress plan is right for you, we recommend you use WP Engine. Other alternatives are SiteGround and Liquid Web.

Fully Hosted WordPress Plans

These hosting plans provide you with the freedom to customize the WordPress site so that you can create a business-specific website. You are limited to some of the WordPress features that are generally available on the platform. The only disadvantage of the plan is the limited control of the features. Also, you have fewer options to monetize with the content you post on the site.

If you want to quickly make a website and leave the option of earning hefty with it, then a fully hosted WordPress plan is a good choice for you. Fully Hosted WordPress Plans are considerable for personal journals, travel photos, family websites, and so on. Considering where to find the right plan, offers you the basic free plans to create a website.

Red flags To Pick WordPress Hosting Solutions

From varied WordPress hosting solutions, it is best to do your homework and conduct thorough research depending on your business needs, general marketing, and sales strategy too.

  • You have to be very careful about which hosting package would be best for you.
  • Some cheap plans underplay or completely omit specifications like RAM and PHP resources.
  • Offer you to provide unlimited email accounts, databases, domains, and disk space.
  • Bait users into signing up for cheap hosting and website care packages.
  • Ask for contacts.
  • Get users signed up just to offer them outsourced and under-trained support, forces them into buying premium add-on’s, and so on.

Choose the Best WordPress Plan for a Website

Choosing the right hosting plan for your WordPress website depends on the business goals and the overall budget. However, if you are just starting with hosting plans, we recommend you to go with Bluehost. Why Bluehost? Bluehost offers a self-hosted WordPress plan with a minimal monthly fee to power your WordPress features.

Their hosting plans are great to start an online store, small business website, or blog. As and when your site grows, you can shift to a managed WordPress hosting account. Such plans will help you scale depending on your needs. Whereas, if you’re already an established business, skip straight to the managed WordPress plan for quick and better results.

Visit SecureItPress for assistance with hosting plans and WordPress care plans for your website.

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