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6 WordPress Security Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress security mistakes are avoidable. It is important to pay attention to these mistakes and improve the security of your website to avoid being hacked and compromised.

Keep in mind that a hacked website can cause serious problems and damage a business’s reputation and revenue. Attackers can steal user information, install malicious software, steal/change passwords, and distribute malware to other website users.

One of the worst scenarios is witnessing a business owner paying a ransom to the attackers just to regain access to his or her very own website. Like how business owners protect a physical store by installing closed-circuit television, hiring someone to guard the area, and choosing trustworthy employees.

It is also a huge responsibility to ensure that the business website is safe and secured to avoid WordPress security mistakes

WordPress itself is secured as it is being checked and audited regularly by its developers. That being said, there are still a lot of things to do to keep a website safe and secure.

A person does not need to be tech-savvy to protect a website against security vulnerabilities. By default, as WordPress is open-source software that is maintained and updated regularly, well, it automatically installs minor updates on a website. But for major updates, the owner is the one who needs to do the updates manually. 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to plugins and themes that can be used for a website. These plugins and other tools are also maintained and updated by the developers regularly. Updates and maintenance of a website is a vital aspect of the overall stability and security, which is why it is essential to have regular site check-ups and maintenance. 

WordPress Security Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Consider

WordPress security mistakes
6 WordPress Security Mistakes to Avoid 4

Choosing a Poor Website Host

If a website owner accidentally chose a poor hosting provider, then there is a huge chance that it will cost more in the long run as having this kind of security mistake. Keep in mind that not all web hosts are developed equally.

Although most shared hosting environments are already secured, some don’t separate user accounts that could cause significant damage on a website. One compromised account could take everything on the shared server. 

The most common WordPress hacking attempt is through stolen passwords. That is why it is important to use strong passwords that are unique in every account, website, database, and many more. 

Tips to Avoid WordPress Security Mistakes

Choose strong passwords on each account as well as a trustworthy web host. Stop thinking about the cost of availing a reputable host; think about the long-term benefits it will be providing the site.

Utilizing Vulnerable Versions of Plugins or Themes

 This is one of the most common WordPress security mistakes. Updating versions of tools are not just for bug fixes and new features. The most crucial aspect of this matter is to add critical security patches. Do not think twice to do the updates when needed!

Tips to Avoid WordPress Security Mistakes

Keep all the plugins, themes, and other tools up to date. The simple task of keeping these updated could avoid big problems for the site. It is also best to delete or uninstall the tools that are not being used or utilized. Unused plugins and themes could also be an entry point of attackers.

Not Having a Back-up Plan

 One reason that could compromise a website is through encrypting the website’s files – that is one of the things that attackers do to make a website inaccessible. And when the owner is desperate to regain access, that is the right time for a hacker to ask for money or ransom. 

Tips to Avoid WordPress Security Mistakes

How to avoid this problem? Make sure to have regular back-up planning on the website. Back-up plan will surely save the day in case the website is compromised. Gain access back to the site without providing a hefty amount of money to the attacker. 

Poor User Security

Having weak user security is a major security mistake. Keep in mind that having a single WordPress Admin login with a weak password could cause harm. What more if all of the user administrators have inadequate user security, right?

Attacker’s tools are getting better day by day, which is why it is essential to be careful and mindful of everything that a user puts on the site. One single mistake could take down everything.

Let’s say that the owner has followed every available security tip but neglected this area? Then watch out for some serious damage.

Tips to Avoid WordPress Security Mistakes

Avoid using weak passwords on any user, such as 54321, 1234567, and many more types of passwords that are easy to think of and be navigated through an attacker’s tool. Create a strong password and set-up a two-factor authentication for the verification of the person’s identity.

wordpress security
6 WordPress Security Mistakes to Avoid 5

Neglecting Automated Bots

A bot is a software program that operates on the World Wide Web and performs repetitive tasks. But there are good bots and bad bots. Traffic bot helps users to increase their web sites traffic with a single click, in a simple way; which is beneficial. In contrast, bad bots can cause serious harm on the website, such as spambots and content scraping bots.

Tips to Avoid WordPress Security Mistakes

How to prevent bad bots from attacking your website? Block or include CAPTCHA on the website – using a CAPTCHA could analyze the difference if a bot or a human is trying to access the site. 

What to do next?

 Checking a website for these WordPress security mistakes is not time-consuming. Site checkup and maintenance are important matters that an owner should not neglect. Keep in mind that the benefits of these things are for long-term purposes. Allowing a professional and trustworthy security company like SecurItPress will fix and maintain your website properly.

Achieve peace of mind when it comes to your website care and focus entirely on your business. Let us handle the technical matters and solve the problems of your site. Our top-notch experts will do the job and provide you with a smile! Do not hesitate to check out the site care packages of SecurItPress today!

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