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WordPress Image Optimization Techniques For Smoother, Faster Websites

Having good images on your site will give your page a better-looking appearance and provide more information for your users. Images also have the ability to convey additional information about a product or service that may not be mentioned in the text of your post. This can be a great advantage for you. The question is, what types of images should you use on your website and how should you optimize these images? Find out some WordPress image optimization techniques here to answer these questions.

Importance of Optimizing Images 

Optimizing images is all about lowering the file size of your photographs as much as possible without compromising accuracy in order to keep your page loading speed as short as possible. The goal of picture optimization is to produce high-quality images with the smallest possible file size. It guarantees that your images are correctly compressed and that the appropriate display settings for the site are applied. 

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WordPress Image Optimization Techniques For Smoother, Faster Websites 4

But have you ever considered why we need to optimize our photos for WordPress? Let us go a step further and explore why we need to optimize the images, as well as the WordPress image optimization techniques that will allow us to do so properly.

  • It Strengthens the User Experience

Waiting longer than usual for a page to load is extremely inconvenient for the user or guest of the website. Image optimization can reduce the percentage of users who wait longer for websites to load because the number of visitors who visit a web page and leave without exploring the rest of the site is so high.

  • Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking

Your site will be smoother if your photos are optimized, and you will be more likely to rank well in search engine results. As digital marketers recognize the importance of search ranking in today’s world, image optimization for a speedier site is the key.

  • Boost Conversions

Quality and detailed images have a way of appealing to the emotions of your customers which is important if you want your website to convert. If you want to keep them on your site, then you need to make sure that your images are optimized for both quality and speed.

5 WordPress Image Optimization Techniques

1. Resize Images

Another technique to optimize your photos for WordPress is to resize the image’s pixel dimension. You can adjust them to suit your needs by doing so.

2. Compress Images

Most editors have come out with this option in which they ask you what quality you wish to save your altered image at. You normally go with 100% quality, and if the image already has a high resolution, you won’t notice much of a difference. Furthermore, its size will be reduced

3. Find out the Maximum Display of Your Images

To optimize photos for WordPress, you must first determine their maximum display size. Furthermore, the maximum display size is the highest resolution that the image can support when all possible views and displays are considered.

4. Save Disk Space

Optimizing images for WordPress will allow you to use your server resources more effectively and if your image files take up less space, you will have more room to add other sorts of content and features to your site.

5. Caching

It is a strategy used to offer material quickly by caching picture files in a proxy server or a browser cache. Caching can also aid in the reduction of application requests as well as the download side of each cached page.

Caching image files in a web service necessitates setting up image storage on numerous points of presence servers spread throughout the world. An image caching service preprocesses a picture before caching it to optimize performance and loading speed.

Best WordPress Image Optimization Techniques Plugins for WordPress

1.  Imagify

It can compress both newly uploaded images and images in your WordPress media folder. Everything is managed automatically here, which could save you time and enhance your workflow. Furthermore, Imagify is interoperable with other plugins that can deal with large amounts of photos that need to be compressed. It also offers a backup option, which allows you to restore the original form of the image at any moment.

2.  Short Pixel Image Optimizer

One of the benefits of this plugin is the ability to save the original copy of the image for quick restoration if necessary. It also allows users to optimize 100 pictures per month at no cost.

3.    Kraken Image Optimizer

It is a service for optimization that supports both lossless and lossy compression. It also has picture optimization capabilities, as well as Dropbox and Page Cruncher compatibility. Aside from compression, this plugin automatically resizes photos upon upload based on the maximum dimensions set, and it has a large action menu for handling several images at once.

4.  WP Compress

It is an optimization plugin that reduces file sizes using both local and live image optimization. In addition, it also offers adaptive images by device and images lazy loading. WP Compress also uses a CDN to serve images as fast as seven milliseconds without needing to make them so little, and it provides several features for agencies who may be working with multiple client sites. 

5.  Imsanity

Imsanity is an image optimizer plugin that resizes images rather than compresses them. It resizes photographs as you post them to your WordPress site. You may use this plugin to select a maximum width, quality level, and height, and it will trace and resize any photos that exceed those criteria, making it suitable for websites with less strict image needs all across the whole.

It also has a scale resize option for previously uploaded photos and can convert less optimized file types. Overall, this plugin is most suited for content-heavy sites, like blogs, where authors must post their images.

6. Optimole

Its image optimization plugin is modern and sleek. It operates with resources in the back without your knowledge. It also has its own, extensive dashboard that is separate from WordPress. Optimole automates all image optimization, plus it is powered by a CDN, so you don’t need to worry about the images loading.

A Few Takeaways: WordPress Image Optimization Techniques

WordPress image optimization techniques are critical for increasing SEO ranking, improving user experience, and increasing conversions. Images connect visitors to your product or service. It can assist a writer in clarifying the meaning of the information while also making it easy for users to obtain the content. Image optimization might help you rank higher in search results. It also enhances your site speed and provides a quicker experience for your website visitors. Nevertheless, you save some megabytes of server space. 

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WordPress Image Optimization Techniques For Smoother, Faster Websites 5

Using WordPress image optimization techniques allows you to save time, cut framework expenses, increase SEO, and improve user experience. Although the optimization procedure is difficult, it is well worth it to surpass them all and enjoy higher conversion rates. Image optimization is an important aspect in assuring WordPress site performance.

If you’ve done everything you can to improve the quality of your content and keywords, and there aren’t any technical issues with the website or database, it’s time to optimize the images. This can be quite beneficial in the development and management of your website. If you want to improve your skills and start working more efficiently, SecurItPress can help you

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