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Top WordPress Projects For Beginners To Practice On

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of WordPress. After all, it’s the most popular platform out there when it comes to building websites. Moreover, WordPress backs roughly 40% of web pages today thanks to its simplicity and customization tools. Perhaps you’ve tried building a website from scratch in the past or are doing it now. This process can be long and seem never-ending since it takes a long time to accomplish. 

Being a novice in web design or web development can be exciting. There are numerous interesting things available for you to learn. In addition, if you put in the time and effort, it’s possible to succeed. However, it is also easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices and lose motivation when you perceive too much about what you don’t yet know.

Still, things don’t have to be that way. You can do many quick and simple WordPress projects to practice and enhance your website skills. To handle this, you don’t need to be a professional developer or writer. However, you do need to have some persistence and patience.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the 5 WordPress projects for beginners you could do to practice your skills.


When choosing the best project to start with, you may be in for a challenge. Creating a blog is an excellent option to start, especially if you’re looking for something challenging and fun at the same time while also possessing the potential to help you learn new skills. When you blog, you can gather information about your blog topic to create better content over time. You can also connect with other bloggers in your niche, which can be an opportunity to access valuable content resources.

Blogging concept illustration Free Vector
Top WordPress Projects For Beginners To Practice On 6

WordPress is one of the most versatile and powerful web software tools available. Whether you’re new to blogging or have been doing it for a long time and want to try new things, learning how to utilize WordPress will help you build your blog and elevate your passion for blogging to new heights. If you have an existing site, learning how to use WordPress will allow you to grow it further.

You have plenty of choices regarding what type of blog to build from scratch. Scripting editors, blog themes, services, and plugins make customization possible. It isn’t hard to write content for a blog if you think about it as long as you get the hang of it. After setting up your primary blog and having it running, the next step is looking for ways to improve your site further. 


Meanwhile, if you wish to build an online portfolio to exhibit your skills, you should consider using WordPress. Besides helping you learn how to use the platform, you’ll also have the chance to practice different editing methods. If you feel more comfortable working in a more professional setting, it is a great free resource for learning and is one of the best WordPress projects for beginners.

Through WordPress, you’ll be able to practice your skills on various portfolio themes. The ideal way to determine the best choice for you is to do plenty of research on the various features offered by the different WordPress themes. It’s recommended that you look at the documentation that comes with the theme to get a clearer picture of the different things the options have to offer. Beginners like yourself can start with a basic theme and then work on upgraded versions as needed. The thought is that you practice becoming comfortable using this website builder and expanding and adding to your knowledge daily. 

Another reason why a portfolio is among the best WordPress projects for beginners is that it’s yours to customize as you wish. Another reason a portfolio is a great way to do so is that it’s entirely yours to customize! Whether a doctor, a college student, a scientist, or a poster, you can create amazing portfolios highlighting various feats and accomplishments. 

Static website concept illustration Free Vector
Top WordPress Projects For Beginners To Practice On 7


A CV is one of the most ideal WordPress projects for beginners since WP makes building them easier. Thanks to numerous plugins, themes, and templates, your CV will be a fun project to work on. CVs are great WordPress projects for beginners since they’re pretty straightforward. In addition, they showcase your tech skills to potential employers. 

What comprises a CV, to begin with? Similar to any business course, the first step in creating your CV is listing the experience and qualifications you possess. Through this method, you can showcase that you’ve taken part in creating something or learning something new. Next, you should list what project you have worked on. The reason why CV template creation is one of the easiest WordPress projects for beginners is due to how every article on WordPress has a section dedicated to templates. You can utilize these templates as a foundation when making your unique CV. 

Autobiography Website

An autobiography website is also one of the most recommended WordPress projects for beginners. The main purpose of an autobiographical website is to record information about you, your work, and your life. Making an autobiographical webpage is a great way to learn if you’re interested in making a website. Creating one doesn’t involve being an expert web developer since the process of creating an autobiography takes less time than studying how to code, create a front-end website, or pattern match. 

And after you learn how to make an autobiography on WordPress, it can be an entertaining way to acquire new skills while making your website! 

People using search box for query, engine giving result. Free Vector
Top WordPress Projects For Beginners To Practice On 8

If you are a newbie to web development, an autobiography webpage is one of the best places to start. It allows you to express your story in an easily digestible way. Plus, it gives other people a chance to learn from you. Learning how to code or create an extensive website layout isn’t needed to create an autobiography. More often than not, having a website that displays some information about you, your skills, occupation, and hobbies will get you ahead. 

E-commerce store

One of the most excellent WordPress projects for beginners is an E-commerce store. But before you jump in head first to this project, we want to warn you to think about it carefully. An e-commerce store takes time, patience, lots of dedication, and a bit of investment here and there to create. Be warned, but if you’re up for the task, continue reading!

Ecommerce web page concept illustration Free Vector
Top WordPress Projects For Beginners To Practice On 9

Learning how to build an e-commerce task can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never created one before. However, with the proper resources, you’ll be ready to take your initial steps toward forming an online business that could potentially lead to a full-time income source. 

WordPress Projects for Beginners: Summary

With all that said, you can see why WordPress is one of the most popular website builders available, and using it can be easy, entertaining, and even relaxing. Starting with different projects is recommended if you’re a beginner since they offer small and manageable tasks that give you a sense of accomplishment after you’re finished. 

If you’ve decided to make a WordPress website, whether a short-term project or a long-term investment, it’s essential to ensure your site is well-maintained and protected. Many processes are involved when running a website, including maintenance, security, hosting, support, and website care. Trust in SecurItPress to help keep your website running smoothly and securely. We offer affordable website care, hosting, support, malware cleanup, and WordPress maintenance services for your website. Contact us today!

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