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The Ultimate WordPress SEO Checklist

WordPress has some unique features that you can see on its home page, making the platform SEO-friendly. But WordPress doesn’t just help you get to the top of the matrix. You should also work on yourself to learn how WordPress works and what tactics you should use. You can do various things within the platform that adhere to your WordPress SEO checklist that helps and make your life easier, meaning that you can focus on other things while making a big difference to your website and rankings, among other competitions.

Are you still wanting more? Do you want to boast up to the top? In doing that, you should focus on your keyword research. One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization or SEO is that it ensures the necessity of your content so that it can be optimized for search engines every time. This article will tackle everything you should know about the WordPress SEO checklist and how to have proper optimization on your website.

Why is the WordPress SEO checklist important?

It may be overwhelming to learn new things that are new to you. To do that, you should consider that you must tailor your content for SEO. To rank up in search engine result pages, you must consider many factors that might confuse you at first. The WordPress SEO checklist will help take care of all the important elements for proper optimization and ensure that you are doing the right thing. The WordPress SEO checklist guides you step-by-step in optimizing your website for proper search engines worldwide.

Put aside all the negativity when you start using the WordPress SEO checklist. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in this field, the WordPress SEO checklist will surely help the user because that’s how SEO works. The checklist doesn’t bother you even if you’re utilizing it for a blog website, E-commerce, or another website with different content besides those mentioned earlier. The WordPress SEO checklist is a great help to copywriters, bloggers, web admins, and even those who want to sell things online and start an online business. 

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WordPress SEO checklist: The most useful tools

WordPress has been an amazing community throughout the years. WordPress is open-source and how the platform works is simply amazing. From different tutorials, forums, and easy-to-follow documentation, there’s always help at hand. In addition to the WordPress SEO checklist, some may have a simple to complex solution to solving some issues. But worry no more because various tools may help you understand how the WordPress SEO checklist works. Here are some:


Domain should be short yet easy to remember (unique), has no spelling mistakes, and be relevant to your niche. Having these three around makes your domain smooth and good because these should be the main requirements when creating one. As you create a domain, you should remember that symbols like underscores, exclamation points, and other kinds may exclude your entry since search engines have difficulty determining them. Also, don’t use your main IP address as your domain name.


WordPress has a list of its providers, so if you’re wondering, check your hosting service, which should meet the WordPress SEO requirements. If you have no idea where to start in dealing with your hosting, here are some of the providers on the list from WordPress.

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Hostinger
  • Siteground

WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme is one of the best tools for giving users the best experience that maximizes your SEO efforts. You must study and practice the foundation WordPress Theme gives for your WordPress SEO. A good and right theme will give you the best foundation for optimization. Some of the fastest-growing WordPress Themes that follow today’s trends in SEO and designing are the following:

  • Divi
  • OceanWP
  • Astra
  • SEO Plugins

One of the most important things for developers is having good content and accuracy of information. SEO Plugin is an important part of WordPress SEO because a good plugin like Yoast provides everything a site should have. From unique and one-of-a-kind titles to meta descriptions that people look up when searching on google, a good SEO Plugin enables you to communicate with Google to get your site recognizable to the masses. SEO Plugins also optimize meta keywords to more advanced features like Webmaster tools verification to XML sitemaps. SEO Plugins help boast your dream website.

Translation Domains

If you target audiences worldwide, your website should be multilingual. Each post on your website should have been a translation domain (TLD). The essential of having different TLDs is that you can use different keywords, page-title, and meta-description that Google may adequately rank separately in the search engine. The importance of translation domains is that Google will not be confused and get things mixed up with one another (if you’re using different languages on your website) and fix them separately according to their structure to have a better site.


Being responsive to technical issues must also come to mind. Responsiveness is crucial for the users’ experience and SEO. Desktop and mobile are built differently, so to help your users with this, optimize your keywords if you’re using such a high-quality one. It would help if you did not focus on desktop users only. Your website should also be accessible to mobile users. The same content in a desktop view to a mobile phone’s point of view may differ. Fixing them is very important! Google also recommends doing this for everyone’s sake.

Google Webmaster Tools

Last but not least on the list is the Google Webmaster Tools. For the WordPress SEO checklist, Google Webmaster Tools is very important because it helps your website to be recognized by others if you want to have a high-quality ranking, search engine traffic, and conversion rates. Google Webmaster tools also provide information on other technical aspects like crawl errors, top referrers, and indexation status.

Google Webmaster Tools can be considered equivalent to a Google Search Console for websites. Suppose you’re unaware of what Google Webmaster Tools can do to help you with the rankings. In that case, you must utilize it now because it helps you keep track of your website’s health and any issues following technicalities that help you achieve great rankings.

WordPress SEO Checklist Conclusion

If you want your content to appear high in search results, SEO on WordPress websites is crucial. Thankfully, learning it isn’t too tough. Indeed, WordPress has several built-in features that simplify SEO, and the existence of a sophisticated WordPress SEO checklist gives you more alternatives to improve your performance in a stretch.

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