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The Top 10 Notable Brands that Use WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, so it’s no surprise that many people and businesses use WordPress for their websites. However, many big-name personalities and brands also run their websites on WordPress. Read on as we share the most notable brands that use WordPress.

1. Katy Perry

When Katy Perry once sang Part of me, she’s lived her life according to her “unbreakable” attitude. 

While she may be known as a pop queen starring on MTV and an award-winning singer with 13 Grammy awards, few people may be aware that she also has an incredible official WordPress website.

The Official Katy Perry website features a user-friendly and easily scrollable interface. The simple website also showcases the unique style of the pop star while providing information about top new, upcoming tours and a handful of easy-to-navigate links to her music, top products, etc. 

image 2

Browsing the website is a pleasure, especially if you are a fan. You can spend hours just jumping back and forth from page to page, checking the prices of cool Katy Pery merchandise and memorabilia, and jamming to her music. 

The technical secret behind the success of her website lies in the awe-inspiring Katy Perry custom theme and the use of some of the most desired WordPress plugins, such as W3 Total Cache, Wordfence Security, WordPress SEO by Yoast, Meta Slider, WP Google Maps, Advanced Custom Fields, Contact Form 7, WP-PageNavi, User Role Editor, and The Event Calendar.

2. The official Star Wars Blog

We shouldn’t leave out movies from the conversation when talking about pop culture. Especially movies that defined many people’s childhood and have created a following that has spanned across generations. Indeed, one of the most notable brands that use WordPress is Star Wars.

As you start browsing this impressive website, we want to tell you, “May the force be with you”, because you might be too awe-struck to get back to whatever you were doing. 

image 3

This paradise, on a site that’s not far far away, was built using the Star Wars custom theme (version 2.8.1) and plugins such as the Disney DoubleClick plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast, WPML WP jQuery Lightbox, and W3 Total Cache. Whether you’re a padawan or a master when it comes to Star Wars lore, you’re guaranteed to bring you a galaxy’s worth of fun and excitement with the latest news, related games and applications, best episodes, and a large community section where you can read about the most mind-blowing ideas and theories fans like you have come up with. 

3. TechCrunch

The website of the world’s leading technology blog is also based on WordPress. Visitors would immediately appreciate the well-organized and minimalistic feel when entering the site.

image 4

When the developers built the TechCrunch site, this “serious” website emphasized impeccable speed and performance rather than style. Thus, it checks out that the style for this website is kept as simple and readable as possible. 

The site operates on the TechCrunch 2017 custom theme and some of the world’s most popular plugins. These plugins include WordPress Importer, Jetpack, and Akismet, among others, to deliver the newest events and the freshest news under all things technology. 

4. Sony Music

You may be surprised that this is one of the most notable brands that use WordPress. Sony Music owns the world’s best and most successful music contracts. Over the years, ever since it was first established, it has become the recording haven of the most famous tracks from the biggest titans in all genres of music, from Michael Jackson to Kings of Leon and The Clash, from the romantic songs of Ricky Martin to the depressive indie rock and electronic music of Kasabian, and from the king of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presley, to teenage girl favorite, and pop icon, Harry Styles, Sony Music has it all, and it is also one of the most notable brands that use WordPress. 

image 5

The site was built using the SonyMusic custom theme and popular plugins such as Jetpack, SEO with YOAST plugins, and W3 total cache. It also features the music world’s top news, links to featured artics’ music, and a top slider showcases the leading artists on the current music charts. 

5. BBC America

BBC America, the popular American pay television network, is jointly owned by AMC networks and BBC studios. Its headquarters is located in New York City. It’s also among the most notable brands that use WordPress.

image 7

BBC America’s website offers the most famous TV series and movies, featuring full episodes and more in their fun and engaging platform. WordPress solely takes the credit for its user-friendly mobile and desktop website

The BBC America Website is powered by the BBC America custom theme, along with (some custom) plugins such as Amcn Dfp Manager, Bbca Livestream, W3 Total Cache, Bbca Ie Advisory, Amcn Sweeps, and Amcn Common Analytics.

6. MTV News

When it comes to the realm of music TV, nothing beats MTV. And, much like our previous entries in this list, the MTV news website is a successful site run on WordPress.

image 10

The stylish background of the MTV website is due to the marriage of the MTV custom theme, Jquery, and W3 Total Cache plugins. Coupled with slider, and mosaic views of the images of celebrities, the site allow you to view award ceremony outcomes, singles about to come out, brand new celebrity gossip, and, of course, trending new album releases. 

7. The New York Times

Similar to how New York City is considered the center of the world, the New York Times is the nexus of everything happening in the world. 

The trusted newspaper authority’s website features breaking news in politics, edgy publications, art exhibitions, the latest scientific achievements, sports news, current affairs, and every other topic you could think of.

image 9

The site features a plain white background using the nytco custom theme built by the NY Times development team. Along with plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast, Akismet, WordPress Importer, and Contact Form 7 plugins, The New York Times website create the feel of reading a real newspaper upon visiting their site. 

Everything down to the fonts and the mosaic view of the articles on the page is intended to make the site create the impression of an old-school newspaper. 

8. The Walt Disney Company

One of the most notable brands that use WordPress is the Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney Company’s WordPress site recreates the magical Disney World experience in a fun online platform. 

Whether you’re a fan of fancy Disney Princesses or love the adventures of Simba and Peter Pan, you can reminisce your favorite moments and have exciting new experiences on the official Disney website. Disney constantly updates its website, so you never know what to expect with each visit. 

image 11

The TWDC custom theme created by Disney Interactive is the theme responsible for the magical site. 

It also uses the most famous plugins such as WP-PageNavi, Disney Analytics, WordPress SEO by Yoast, User Role Editor, W3 Total Cace, and Regenerate Thumbnails, among others.,

9. Blender

Blender is a top-of-the-line and powerful 3D software intended for animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, motion tracking, compositing, and even game creation and video editing, which was originally released in 1998. 

It also became open-source in 2002 and was distributed under the GNU GPL license. Thus, aside from a few restrictions, it is possible to edit its source code. Consequently, Blender has many relatively high-quality accessories and add-ons, such as a fiber generator or Makehuman.

image 12

Another unique aspect of Blender is that it has a completely different control and interface, so it can not be considered merely an unpaid copy of competing software. 

Blender uses the W3 Total Cache plugin for performance optimization, as well as BBC America. 

10. The Rolling Stones

The beloved old-school rock dudes own one of the coolest and most impressive WordPress websites in the history of rock culture. 

From music, tour dates, news, the official Rolling stones store, and more, you can find it on the easy-to-use and minimalistic website of the music legends. 

Featuring a custom theme – the RollingStones 2014 (version 2.2) – the official Rolling Stones site incorporates a series of plugin juggernauts such as Regenerate Thumbnails, Akismet, Advanced Custom Field, The WordPress Importer, TinyMCE, Google Analytics for WordPress, and many more. 

image 13

And that’s our list. While these brands and personalities hail from different industries, they all share one thing in common: they have great website care, maintenance, and support. If you own a WordPress website or are planning on building one in the future, you should consider looking for a reliable WordPress support and maintenance service for your site. The industry experts at SecurITPress can take care of everything on your site, from website care, maintenance, malware cleanup, hosting, and support; we have you covered. Visit our site today to learn more about the WordPress maintenance services we offer. 

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