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News Flash: Ten WordPress News Ticker Plugins

With multiple events happening around the world, a lot of people rely on news websites. Therefore, a WordPress news ticker plugin is a must if you manage a news website. This plugin can display breaking news in a creative and eye-catching manner. Today, we’ll help you improve your news website to disseminate information easily worldwide.

WordPress News Ticker Plugins
News Flash: Ten WordPress News Ticker Plugins 4

Top 10 WordPress News Ticker Plugin

There are various WordPress news ticker plugins available today. They are convenient plugins that add custom news or pick a source for automatically displaying news. Below are some of the few that you can check:

1. Ticker Ultimate

Ticker Ultimate allows you to use shortcodes to add and show news or your most recent articles horizontally or vertically. This plugin is compatible with the Gutenberg post editor, which is a great catch. Also, this WordPress news ticker plugin works with custom post formats.

Moreover, Ticker Ultimate’s shortcode is editable, which can modify the colors or pick certain article categories. The premium plugin includes features such as custom color, effects and animations, and so on. Therefore, you can also apply a ticker slider effect.

2. Live News Plugin

Live News is a highly configurable add-on that allows you to create beautiful news tickers easily. If you want something simple and adaptable, this is a perfect choice. The Live News plugin displays recent postings and news items from RSS and Twitter feeds. It automatically adds items from four sources to your ticker in real-time.

Additionally, you can configure the plugin to show on multiple devices based on your needs. There is also an option to modify the colors, location, scroll speed, text size, placement, and more.

3. Ditty News Ticker

Ditty News Ticker shows news on your website in a scroll, rotation, or list mode. This plugin is a simple way to add news tickers through shortcodes. Another great feature is that you may include a news ticker in the widget.

However, when you get the free version, you need to enter the news manually. So, it would be best if you opt for the premium extensions. This automatically imports news items from Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Instagram, and other sources. Furthermore, this WordPress news ticker plugin has a translation-ready design that works with WPML to make it simple to construct a bilingual website.

4. PJ News Ticker

One of the simplest WordPress news ticker plugins is PJ News Ticker. This WordPress news ticker plugin enables you to show news or the most recent article in a marquee fashion. It is lighter than Ditty News ticker and embeds news ticker wherever you wish using shortcodes. Therefore, the font size, speed, color scheme, text, and header may change. If you know CSS, you may further modify the plugin.

5. T4B News Ticker plugin

Using the T4B News Ticker plugin, you can quickly and easily build a personalized news feed. You can give precise information to your readers about various categories of material you want to display on your website. Also, there is no need to install any extra plugins on the website if you use this plugin.

There are four animation effects included in the free edition. But, the premium edition includes more animations, play and stop controls, customization options, and dedicated support. Furthermore, the ticker delivers data in a variety of categories as well as RSS and JSON forms.

6. Vertical News Scroller

Vertical News Scrollers is the one to get if you want to display news that scrolls vertically on your website. This WordPress news ticker plugin can handle any amount of news. Plus, you can also add, edit, and remove the news on your site.

With the Vertical News Scroller, you can only show the news headline or display text beside it. Moreover, adding unique links to the news is possible with this one. The pro version can customize the news headline, add color, change the font size, add a thumbnail picture, and support shortcodes.

7. jQuery News Ticker Plugin

This WordPress news ticker plugin adds a lightweight, versatile, and simple-to-use news ticker plugin to your WordPress website. You can also manually add your news using HTML markups in the admin dashboard.

With this plugin, you can add a horizontal ticker to the website and control how it fades in and out. It comes with an expiration date for your messages and has been tested with the most popular web browsers. This plugin also has a multi-widget option and enables localization.

8. Simple News

Simple News is a free news plugin for WordPress. Your homepage displays the image, title, date, excerpt, and link to the story. It also automatically arranges the news according to the publication dates.

Furthermore, it allows you to change the picture size and other settings. It supports custom widgets and shortcodes for displaying news on pages, articles, sidebars, and footers, among other places.

9. WP Latest Post

WP Latest Post is a WordPress plugin that displays the most current news. It can display news on your website by filtering information from your posts and pages. Also, the plugin has six built-in themes for nicely displaying news.

This plugin uses automated animation to choose news items from your material and shows them in a slider. It allows you to display or conceal news items. You may also optimize the photos to lessen the time it takes for the website to load. It integrates with the Gutenberg block editor and includes a custom news block for adding news items to your articles.

10. Yandex.News Feed

Yandex.News Feed is a Yandex news plugin for WordPress. It automatically converts material from your WordPress posts and pages into Yandex news format. Moreover, this supports custom post kinds, taxonomy keywords, categories, and other features. The plugin is simple to install and use, making it convenient to integrate any WordPress news website.

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News Flash: Ten WordPress News Ticker Plugins 5

A Few Takeaways

Although writing news may appear like the most difficult aspect, it is not. The bigger difficulty is getting people to watch or read it. Therefore, to increase views, many web developers find it challenging to use something to make their job easier. Because there is increasing competition, it is not simple and grows harder every day. Therefore, it is a must to go beyond the box, like getting a WordPress news ticker plugin to help draw attention to your website.

Remember that your website is a vital asset to your brand or business. Make sure to keep it safe and functioning by getting WordPress maintenance.

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