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4 Reasons WordPress Website Backup Is Important

Most website owners are skeptical about WordPress website backups. The reason? Because WordPress is a reliable content management system. Website owners expect that they don’t need to back up their site files because WordPress will do it.

True, WordPress will do its responsibilities to its customers, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have accountability when backing up your website files. Remember, WordPress is still software. Like any other software, it cannot counter all mishaps.

The final responsibility lies on you. You need to have careful crisis management, including a website backup for WordPress. Having a proactive solution to a WordPress site crisis eliminates future threats and reduces probable losses.

WordPress file backup is easy. It is essential, and no matter how many times you tell yourself it isn’t necessary, the truth remains. Website backups, regardless of the CMS platform, are crucial to your site’s health.

So, let’s list down several reasons you should have website backups regularly.

No hosting provider is perfect.

Backup plans for WordPress Sites
Proactive backup solutions for your WordPress Site

Hosting providers help WordPress site users in various favorable ways. Unfortunately, they might put you in a challenging position. Sometimes, these providers encounter unanticipated events such as:

  • software errors
  • server outage
  • hard drive failures
  • changes in server structure.

These unexpected issues affect and can damage your WordPress site. Usually, the effect is temporary downtime that results in the loss of traffic. However, the most significant and worst impact is the loss of data.

For some hosting companies, loss of data isn’t a problem. They can retrieve whatever data lost during server failures, but not all can do this. As a result, you lost precious files permanently.

This is where WordPress website backup comes in. With files backed-up on a cloud service or other offsite sources, all you need is to retrieve that backup and restore your website.

You can do the backup task, especially if you know something about your website’s technical side. If not, you can always ask the help of the best hosting company.

WordPress Website Backup Eliminates Hacking Issues.

Regular WordPress Backups
Prevent hackers from compromising your website with regular WordPress backups

WordPress is the most well-known website builder. It powers more than millions of websites, accounting for more than 30% of the total website users. Besides, the platform is so easy to use that website owners prefer it over other CMS platforms.

Thus, it isn’t surprising that hackers are after its system. Hacking has been an ongoing concern in WordPress. They distribute malware, overwrite your templates with their codes, or spam the internet.

All of these illegal and malicious intents are equally risky for you. The last thing you want to deal with is a data breach or loss.

This is another reason why users need to do website backup even more. You don’t know when a cyber-attack can happen, but you can still protect and preserve your website’s contents.

One ideal way is to have an external plug-in where you can access your backup. This way is safer and more secure.

Mistakes are bound to happen

Website Backup with SecurItPress
Avoid the blame game by performing back-ups regularly

Even the most knowledgeable people who use WordPress commit mistakes. After all, humans are imperfect, and accidents can transpire.

You commit mistakes when you are burnout or exhausted. You experience disorientation while doing important tasks. As a result, you might overwrite and delete useful files or create an incorrect MySQL command.

However, if you do a routine backup of your website, you eliminate the blame game on human error. With a WordPress website backup ready, you can quickly restore what has been overwritten.

Most importantly, stop working when you feel frustrated, exhausted, or feel any intense feeling. Take a few minutes (or hours) off from what you’re doing. This isn’t straightforward advice on website backup, but it certainly is helpful to have a clear mind when working with your website.

Website Backup for WordPress Prevents Financial Loss.

website backup for WordPress
Secure WordPress website with backup offsite or cloud services

Most website owners use WordPress to generate income through advertising, selling products, or offering services. With the unforeseen threats mentioned earlier, you are at risk of financial losses.

Hackers might force you to pay in exchange for your stolen data. However, with website backup ready for restoring your WordPress files, you don’t need to deal with these hackers.

Website backup does not stop this from happening, but it decreases the damage.  WordPress backup enables handy updates that establish security.

Moreover, a sudden data loss means a pause in operation. And a website that is not working can cost you money. But if you have a backup, your website will be back online in no time. You can continue earning money.

Consider this as the most significant point of doing a WordPress website backup. Backing up your website will give you assurance and peace of mind. It frees your mind from worries and helps you focus on essential tasks for your business.

Final Words

It is easy to overlook the importance of a website backup because, most of the time, everything goes as plan. But what would you do about the days when it doesn’t?

That is why backing up is essential. WordPress backup is your website’s insurance.

Don’t have time to do the back-up? Partner with SecurItPress. We will back up your WordPress website as hassle-free as possible.

We will store your data in a secure location. Most importantly, you can access a functional website backup anytime, anywhere.

Nathan Baldwin
Nathan Baldwin

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