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How to Choose Best Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2021

cheapest wordpress hosting
cheapest WordPress hosting 2021

When looking for Cheapest WordPress hosting options, a lack of knowledge and understanding of the WordPress world can be a drawback. Especially if you’re new, you would have to go through extensive research to understand the web hosting world. Now when we go out looking for something cheap, a lot of dubious thoughts follow. You are left clueless about their performance and which provider is to trust. However, for many websites, expensive WordPress hosting plans are not needed. A cheaper option can do just as good a job as more expensive options. In this article, we will mention a complete guide to making this choice.  We will also mention some of the famously known web hosts with cheaper plans or cheapest WordPress hosting. So stick around!

Steps to follow when looking for the cheapest WordPress hosting:

With the proper guidance of Secur it press, you can hit the jackpot of some cheap yet good hosting plans. You can fulfill all your requirements with a cheapest WordPress hosting plans as much as you can with an expensive one. Let’s list down a few steps you can take in choosing the cheapest WordPress hosting, which will work perfectly for your website.

Step 01: List down your requirements: 

To choose a plan that suits your WordPress site the best, you first need to have a clear perspective of your requirements. The prices of WordPress hosting plans vary drastically depending on the requirements it fulfills. There is no point in mentioning unnecessary requirements as you can upgrade your WordPress hosting plan as your requirement increases.

Step 02: Research on how WordPress hosting works

Even if you are only the owner of a WordPress website, there are few things you should keep yourself educated about how WordPress hosting works. To successfully run your WordPress website, whenever you buy a hosting service you will always be asked what type of hosting services you are looking for. Is it shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, or managed? Research closely on what they are, how they work, and see the importance of hosting considerations for WordPress and their pros and cons.

 Step03: Search for companies offering the cheapest WordPress hosting

Now you know what you want, start looking for hosts that offer the cheapest plans. It’s not an easy task since there is an extensive list of hosts offering cheap services, some of which are only here to make few easy bucks. To avoid getting looted, you must first understand all the critical factors to look for in WP hosting. It can help you discriminate among the WP hosts and the quality of services they provide. Moving forward with this article we also have listed down a few of the best cheap WordPress hosting services.  


Top 5 cheap web hosting options:

  • Bluehost: 

Top in our list is one of the most popular web hosts. Bluehost plans mainly target small business cheapest Wordpres hosting options. They have easy control options for your hosting and include plans that cost below $5. They are also best known for their reliability, as they will not slow down your website load time whenever your website will encounter heavy traffic. We’ve worked with more hosts than you can imagine, and we believe the hosts listed below are among the finest and brightest in the hosting industry. If you choose one of the hosts listed below and click through from this page, some will donate a portion of your price back to, allowing you to have a wonderful host while also supporting

  • Hostinger: 

After a complete comparison, hostinger by far offers the cheapest of all hosting services. Its plans are designed to serve for a long period. If you are okay with paying upfront for 2-3 years of hosting, Hostinger is the best for you. The individual monthly hosting plan might increase the price, but their pre-payment plans for 4 years costs you 0.99$ per month. 


If you are looking for fast and secure hosting SiteGround is the best option. It is rated one of the most popular and highest hosting providers in the WordPress community. They provide 24/7 and have automatic upgrades, daily backups built-in WP caching, free CDN, free SSL, one-click staging, and GIT version control. All of this available in their plans, starting from 4.99$. 

  • Name Cheap:

Name cheap is mostly known as a domain registrar, but they also have some of the cheapest monthly plans for you to look at. Its Stellar plan starts from 1.44$ and 17.28$ monthly, making it the cheapest WordPress hosting option with a fantastic deal offering to host up to 3 websites. 

  • DreamHost:

Last but not least, we have DreamHost to help you out. For each hosting plan they offer, you get to choose between two options with clearer differences. It is also the best solution for those looking for easy monthly plans. Its shared starter costs $2.59 per month. 

What’s the cheapest WordPress hosting plans has to offer:

Let’s see what we can expect from these cheapest WordPress hosting plans and what they have to offer. These plans mention the services offered, their prices, and how frequently you will be charged for these hosting services. Most of these plans are yearly with upfront payment which costs you lesser than monthly plans, but it depends on your commitment. For starters, it would be better to go for hosting plans offering exactly what you want rather than choosing the one with extra services that you don’t need at the moment. This can also save you from spending some extra bucks. 

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