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Best WordPress Plugins for Graphic Designers

Now that world has become more digital, everyone is scurrying to be a part of it. After all, it is an excellent platform that provides the widest reach possible. For instance, graphic designers have gone online to create their portfolios and attract more clients. And, indeed, what better way to showcase their talents and skills than through WordPress. Not only is it easy to use in creating a personal website, but it also is a surefire way of getting discovered. But…only if you use the right WordPress Plugins for Graphic Designers. Luckily for you, we have already hand-picked everything you might need to create and maintain your website to capture the hearts of potential clients. 

Shall we begin?

WordPress Themes

WordPress Plugins for graphic designers

As a creative, you have an eye for detail. You know full well that even the smallest of it matter. With the following themes, you can rest assured that your website will look exactly how you want it — every nook and cranny to your liking.

We’ll start you off with a few WordPress themes that we personally love:


If you want a powerful yet lightweight theme, Astra is the one for you. Its countless starter templates, including the Freelancer template, are great options for graphic designers. This theme also does well for SEO purposes because it will help your website rank highly in search engines.

Astra is even compatible with many WordPress Plugins for Graphic Designers. This coming together of WordPress tools will enable you to customize your site while simply using drag and drop functions. You can even add the WordPress live customizer to the mix for a more incredible website design result.


Divi is one of the WordPress Plugins for graphic designers that is recommended for beginners. It is a stunning and all-purpose theme that can be used for just any type of website, whether you are a graphic designer or not. Divi boasts powerful customization capabilities that feature animations, Google Fonts image filters, parallax effects, and many more. It even comes with hundreds of layouts and page templates for you to choose from and experiment on.

Not a coding expert? Not a problem. Divi made sure that coding knowledge won’t get in the way of customizing your website using its built-in tools. And if you choose to, you can also add custom CSS.

You can let your creative ideas for your website run wild with Divi without worrying if they will look good on all devices because it will be as Divi uses a responsive design.

Infinity Pro

Thinking of something stylish for your website? You might want to check out Infinity Pro then. This WordPress theme offers a fullscreen layout, for one. It also allows you to include custom-made logos, call-to-action buttons above your header, navigation menus, and welcome texts.

In addition, this theme has eCommerce features that will enable you to sell your designs online.  


But if minimalist is what you seek, we suggest going for Lense. It is suitable for artists like graphic designers and photographers. This WordPress theme has six photo gallery layouts that include horizontal scrolling, multi-column masonry grids, and sliders.

Meanwhile, Lense may be minimalist in design, but it gives you full control in using colors, widgets, and custom layouts made with a page builder.

WordPress Plugins for Graphic Designers

In the great vastness that the Internet has provided, it can be difficult (but still incredibly cool) to sort through every plugin ever created.

So with time constraints and quality in mind, we have created a list of the plugins you’ll need for your portfolio. But feel free to explore other plugins outside these options. You might need it especially with the uncertainties surrounding the future of graphic design.


For the veterans out there, Duplicator is definitely one of the best WordPress Plugins for graphic designers. Setting up your nth website can and will most definitely, by now, feel like an arduous chore. You may already have your usual base build because of the familiarity that the configurations, options, and plugins bring. 

Duplicator allows you to forego any installations (again) by migrating, copying, cloning, and moving a site. Simply set up a core build, then use it as the source for cloning. Doing so will help in simplifying deployment and the automatic generation of a new site that already has the basics configured.

Easy Testimonials

If you want to sell your services on your website, testimonials will help you reel in client leads. Such proof from your previous customers is a powerful factor in convincing others to buy from you or hire you.

There are themes that have native support for testimonials, but if yours doesn’t, the Easy Testimonials is definitely one of the WordPress plugins for graphic designers that serve this purpose. This plugin enables you to embed your testimonials to your posts and pages while also making them compliant for better search engine display.  

Unfortunately, WordPress does not offer many ways to create image galleries. But with the NextGen Gallery, you can create image browser galleries, thumbnails, and even slideshows. Among the many WordPress plugins for graphics designers, this popular image gallery plugin offers various customization options that will surely create a beautiful gallery.

Another image gallery you should check out is the Modula Image Gallery. As another amazing WordPress plugin for graphic designers, Modula allows you to create a gallery that no one has yet seen. These galleries are even fully responsive to really capture your brand and look good on any screen size.


Think about adding social media buttons to an already existing website. This is what this plugin is all about. Monarch is one of the best social media plugins for WordPress. 

There may be several social media plugins, but Monarch does not possess any of the clutter or the designs that clash with your existing website. Instead, it offers full control over the appearance of buttons and the specific networks you’d like to include. It’s like artistic freedom over your site’s social media buttons! Something graphic designers like yourself would appreciate.

WordPress Plugins for Graphic Designers: SecureItPress’ Top Picks

Now that we’ve covered our top five WordPress Plugins for graphics designers, we’re going to share with you some of the additional plugins that you would want to try:

Page Builder

If you have a team helping you run and maintain your WordPress website, the Page Builder plugin would be a great addition to your list. This is an excellent tool that allows your content editors to be involved in controlling the page layout in a WordPress-like environment. It works with all themes and your other plugins, thus making it simple to generate flexible and responsive layouts. Notably, this is one of the top WordPress plugins for graphic designers if you don’t know any coding knowledge.

Wordfence Security

Due to WordPress’ popularity as a CMS, it is severely prone to compromises and security hole exploits. Security will then be one of the major issues for your website/s. While Wordfence Security won’t be able to solve it all, it enables you to monitor malicious access attempts to your site. Also, it has two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.  

Everest Forms

Having a ‘get in touch’ form or online registration form is important. When you need your customers’ and site visitors’ information, these forms are your best friends. Everest Forms may be the last of our many WordPress plugins for graphic designers, but it doesn’t mean that it is given the least importance. 

This plugin makes it easy to create forms using a simple drag and drop function that works well on both desktops and phones. It even supports multiple languages.

WordPress Plugins for Graphic Designers: Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the list that of WordPress Plugins for graphic designers that we have created will help you create the best online portfolio. Because when done right, your website can do all the selling and sales talking for your talents. So once you’re done creating it, all you have to do is maintain it and let the customers (and revenue) flow in.  

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