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7 Compelling Reasons Why Businesses Need A Premium WordPress Website

Whatever the industry, a company’s online presence may greatly impact its performance. A strong online presence, particularly a website, boosts revenue. Therefore, using WordPress, especially a premium WordPress website,  can be the ideal option for expanding your company. Most consumers and company owners can develop a website that meets their requirements because of WordPress’ accessibility and flexibility. However, it would be best if you first decided which plan to choose before beginning to build a website at WordPress. By doing this, you may define the parameters of your website and organize the information it will display. You may want to read the following sections to decide on your strategy.

Free Vs. Premium: Which Best Suits Your Company?

WordPress has evolved into becoming the cornerstone of internet advertising. For instance, research indicates that WordPress powers over 43 percent of the internet. Bloggers, small companies, and leading corporations, above all other website solutions, prefer WordPress. Additionally, building websites using WordPress aids in the marketing credibility development of new firms. Interested in building the right website for your company? Read more to know the difference between the plans offered by WordPress to help you choose which plan to purchase.


There are several considerations to weigh while a website is being built. However, the customer’s finances and unique business needs should determine the project’s strategy. For startups, paying for the premium plan might be out of the budget. Hence, they opt to use the free version of WordPress and settle for its limited offers. Although it is free to use, the free plan’s 1 GB storage limit and subdomain make it unsuitable for business usage. Additionally, there are limitations on plugins, custom domains, and themes.

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7 Compelling Reasons Why Businesses Need A Premium WordPress Website 3


For those who hope to create and run a company website, the premium WordPress website plan is best for you. It includes every feature a business has to set up a reliable website. Premium plans cost $15 a month when paid yearly. This package includes extras like a domain name and premium support besides web hosting with up to 50 GB of storage space. However, you may have to spend an extra fee if you choose a premium theme, which will cost you approximately $50, or premium plugins. Additionally, premium subscriptions use custom domains with options to eliminate WordPress branding. With WordPress branding, your website is more personalized. 

Why Do Businesses Need a Premium WordPress Website?

Most startup businesses always opt to choose the cheaper option for their business. However, for building websites, this might be a different situation. Due to the fierce competition in business, entrepreneurs must go above and beyond to stand out. Without investment in its launch, a business is not a business. WordPress lets companies develop professional-looking websites, yet a free plan won’t generate much revenue. For the website of your company, choose the premium WordPress website for the following seven reasons:

1. Look More Professional

People like visiting and following blogs that have a professional appearance. Undoubtedly, people choose aesthetics over informative blogs nowadays. Therefore, upgrading the appearance and providing a professional touch is essential. However, only the themes in a premium website can always aid in giving you a polished appearance. When you use these themes, your blog’s look and feel will change instantly and on its own. They can help you make a reliable website with up-to-date information that people will trust. 

2. Customization

Settling with the free WordPress website means you’ll have to settle for its limited themes and plugins. So, your customers won’t be able to tell your website apart from other sites that use the same option. WordPress premium lets you customize your website to fit the needs of your business. When you buy the premium plan for your website, you get access to customization options that you couldn’t get before. Doing this also increases your company’s potential. By choosing the premium plan for your WordPress website, you can personalize its footer, header, and menu, among other elements. 

3. Improved Customer Support

In reality, free WordPress offers customer support. However, customer support is better, faster, and more efficient for a website that purchased the premium plan. Hence, you will access first-rate customer service when you buy premium themes. Users encountering problems may desire customer support. In WordPress, customer care will respond and provide you with the necessary help ASAP.

4. Provide a High Conversion Rate

The primary goal of having a website is to increase your business’s rate of exchange. Your website may get many visits, but how many of them make a purchase? Due to their professional appearance and convenient features, premium themes may enhance conversion rates for any company. After all, everything you do aims to increase your conversion rate. You might sometimes experience commercial success after you start getting a lot of inquiries and orders from your customers.

5. Security

Free WordPress themes and plugins sometimes include harmful code, particularly those outside the theme and plugin directories. Because of this, you should never use nulled WordPress plugins or themes. Although this problem has improved as WordPress has grown, it still poses a serious risk. Moreover, hackers target users seeking “free” versions of premium WordPress plugins and themes. Once hackers have the money, they use backdoors and other exploits to destroy the themes and plugins.

Hence, you must choose themes and plugins from the WordPress directory if you want to go the freeway. Go premium if you want to feel protected and secure. By availing of the premium WordPress plan, you may relax knowing that a renowned premium theme and plugin developer will support their creations.

6. Updates to Current Versions

Periodically, a WordPress update may break or add new features, even if they are small. It could stop operating if there’s no one to update the free theme or plugin. Version updates may sometimes feel like a bother, but they state that someone is actively improving your theme and plugin. Thus, a premium plan has the benefits of top-notch updates and maintenance. Through availing of a premium plan, you can ensure that your website features are always up to date. 

7. Create an SEO-Friendly Website

You cannot dismiss the importance of SEO, or search engine optimization, in the modern world. In reality, WordPress’ free themes aren’t search engine optimized. To prepare the site for SEO efforts, you must install a few more plugins besides other components. However, using the premium WordPress themes won’t be an issue. These plugins and functionality you need for SEO on your blogging website are already included in these themes. Hence, this may save you time and effort. You can optimize the blogs within your websites for SERPs so that it receives many daily visitors.

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Our skilled experts will ensure that your WordPress site works, is safe, and is well protected. You won’t have to stress about anything because we’ll let you know of any updates or changes to your account. Call (603) 505-8033 or email [email protected] to get in touch with our team right now! 

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